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hey can anybody give any info about a 68 karmann ghia, anything would be good like fuel economy, maitenance, etc just whatever

i found a karmann ghia in some guys orchard and plan on buying it and restorting it but before i do I would like some info see if its worth getting

any info would be greatly appreciated



posted by  Maverick

Mechanically, it's very cheap to own maintain, and operate. It's also very cheap to modify to very fun power levels while still being fairly economical to own. Mechanically, other then the front disc brakes, everything in it is Type 1 VW Bug.

The expensive bits are parts specific to the Ghia. Everything is still available through numerous sources, but where a window rubber kit for an air cooled Bug might be $20, the Ghia set will be over $100. Luckily most regions have large annual VW swap meets that you can go to and get good deals.

Pick up a copy of Hot VWs magazine, for a complete set of vendor ads and parts prices (as well as killer articles. They have an annual Ghia issue). And don't miss this site: Their classifieds section will get a lot of stuff located, and they have a good technical community there, too.

Have fun!

posted by  ChrisV

What the hell do I get to tell him? :cussing:

posted by  vwhobo

lol! I figured with one post, he might not be back to talk to you OR go the places I gave. But, you are better suited to giving him mechanical advice on the cars than I would be.

If he ever comes back.

posted by  ChrisV

well thats good to hear, but im looking for a service manual for it, just so i can get a more detailed look at what makes the ghia go when i buy it, it looks pretty good from what i saw but definetly a project car, you guys know of any manuals around

posted by  Maverick

i haven't really worked on volkswagons very much

so you guys know any compatible parts for a 68 karmann ghia, i don't know if the ghia im looking at needs very much parts but just in case

posted by  Maverick

Again, pick up a copy of Hot VWs magazine. it;ll have manuals, parts, and you'll start to learn compatibility. Under the skin it's Type 1 VW Beetle, so basically, you're looking at an interchnageability of many mechanical parts from '47 to the recent beetles in Mexico. Since it's a '68, it's a 12 volt electrical system, which really makes compatibility be '68-newer Ghia and VW Beetle.

Pick up a copy of John Muir's "How to keep your Volkswagen alive," aka "A manual of step by step procedures for the Complete Idiot." kreviews/bookreviews_muir.tmpl -7600615

posted by  ChrisV

Nice looking car. I tried to find a fixer upper a couple of years ago, but the asking prices were too much.

posted by  Wally

What he said. I guess I'll have to take time off from work to get a word in edgewise around here.

posted by  vwhobo

Naw, you got your hands full responding to Ki2AY (I've got him on ignore...) and the like. :laughing:

posted by  ChrisV

sound good, i'll do that, any ways the guy im buying the ghia from only want 300 dollars for it, which scares me a bit, i can't find what really wrong with it till i buy it and get to my place, oh well i need a project car

posted by  Maverick

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