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Hi there-
I take good care of my 1999 Jetta IV GLS. Scheduled maint., oil changes, etc. Yesterday my car stopped shifting gears. Example: I am going 60 mph but my RPM's are at 5000. This is an automatic transmission. This is my third VW and I have never had issues with a transmission. Any suggestions out there as to what the problem may be?

posted by  99VWJetta

It could be the problem with the main valve control of your transmission, which happend to my mustang last year. The gear gets stuck in 2nd or 3rd and wouldn't shift... if that happens while you are driving, then pull over and start the engine again. The repair will cost you somewhere around $300-$600 if this is the case though...

posted by  ed_7702

check automatic trani fluid and gear selector linkage.

posted by  rayo

also, there is a filter in that transmission. Clogging will cause trani to slip.

good luck

posted by  rayo

3 veedubs and never had gearbox problems.. think yourself lucky mate.. consider the problem ya have now well over due... :mrgreen:

posted by  quazzieIMI

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