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I want to get peugeot 306 1.9 TD for my first car.

For those who know this car what do you think about confort and let me know the good and bad things about it. Or any reasons why I should get it or not.


posted by  Gandhi

Good engine.....

Bad everything else, comfort's okay though :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

As a peugeot mechanic my piece of advice for you would be that of all cars to but the 406 or 306 1.9td are probably the best of the lot.. they're reasonablt reliable and extremely comfortable to drive.. go for it but check for upper engine oil leaks... quite possibly a roker cover gasket is needed... also as soon as you buy it order wheel cylinders because cars as low mileage as 10000 have been known to leak form the cylinders... so beware of the costs.. :2cents:

posted by  quazzieIMI

need to be wary of higher milage cars because the con rods seem to have a tendency of leaving the Engine bay via the bonnet/hood so check carefully!!

posted by  *Ben*

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