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I don't really have a whole lot of knowledge when it comes to cars (seeing as I'm a 17 year old girl with no brothers and a father I spend little time with) but I've recently discovered my dream car! A 1990 BMW 325i Coupe. My father had a BMW when I was little, but we had to sell it when he passed away (and since I wouldn't be driving for many many years, we couldn't save it), so I had wanted a BMW for the sake of having the same type car as my father. Anyway, now I actually want one because I like them, and that's the exact one I want.

On to my question.. About how much would it cost to get that car? I'm just looking for a rough estimate. (I also am just learning the concept of money, hah.) As I said, it's my dream car and I'll save up as long as I have to until I can get it.

Also (probably a stupid question, but here go's), I refuse to drive anything but a stick shift.. and since I know so little of cars, is that one a stick shift? Or can you get it as one? Thanks a bunch.

posted by  Mizuiro

an old ad, but shows a manual version.


posted by  windsonian

Ooh, thanks. Now I just need to know about how much it would cost me to get that car in good condition now. ;D

posted by  Mizuiro

You should be able to find. The could vary greatly depending on the condition. manual transmission is available. Have the car looked over by BMW before buying.

good luck

posted by  rayo

I still want to know about how much it would be to get one. I honestly don't even have any sort of range in mind. :oops:

posted by  Mizuiro

it should be in the $3000-$5000 range for one in really good condition with relatively low mileage. most bmw's are standard shift so you're in luck. have fun its a great car.

posted by  chloroform

Wow, I was thinking it was going to be more than that, but wishing it wouldn't be at the same time. Joy!

It'll take me a long time before I can get it, because I don't want to have to be making a bunch of payments on it AND insurance. I don't have that great of a job yet. xD

Thanks a bunch. :heh:

posted by  Mizuiro

Is this the type of ar you are after?? i live in sunny Wales (UK) and this is my baby! E30 1990 325i SE!

What do you think?


posted by  *Ben*

Thats my dream car. A 90 BMW M3. Ive got a little model one at home that i drift around my desk sometimes.

posted by  flamingheads

I would love an E30 M3!! proper drift car! awesome!

posted by  *Ben*

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