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i have an 04 M3 and i would like to put some lambo doors on it. i just dont know where i can get a kit from. if anyone knows please let me know .

posted by  M3lover om=Yes&SubFolderId=596

Theres the site man. I wish I had a BMW M3. I'm 15 and all I have is a 2002 Honda Civic EX with 18 inch Kazara Rims. My rents have a BMW X5 and a 325XI. Your M3 will look great with those lambo doors. Please send pics once you put them on. Thanks.

posted by  jrt2oo7

It's simply my opinion, but i think lambo doors should, well. . .go on lambo's. Now, you may be able to pull it off but most of the time I see broke ass civics with owners that think they're cool because they swapped the mounting hardware on the doors. It comes off a bit tacky.
However, with the M3 being a very classy car to begin with, it's possible that it will look fantastic and not tacky at all. Just be sure to do it right. Make the car stand out in other ways as well.

posted by  Lucky13

I might get some of those for my bmw lol

That'd look pretty sweet on a newer one though.

posted by  Juhosaphat

I don't know man...Like he said, lambo doors can get a little tacky, especially ever since every kid wit a civic and 300 dollars has had them. The M3 is a classy car, keep it that way.

posted by  Zalight

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