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Well, Rover is no more (Apparently). It all happened a little quickly for most people to mo what was happening really, but I spose this is just another Brit manufacturer to go bust. I've never liked Rover personally, I think they're unreliable, cheap and tacky, that's not to say I dont feel for the MG Rover staff who lost their jobs at the Longbridge plant though :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

mg rover isnt dead yet. the mg tf (very cool car) is going to continue being made and it may go to the usa. by the way i have a rover 25 and it certainly isnt crap. its a class car and the rover 75 was one of the best cars ever made of the late 90's

posted by  xpowerboy

It's dead! No factory-no cars!!

Even Priory Rover showroom near me is clearing up.

posted by  fudge

yes but there are still thousands of cars to be sold and rovers are to be made in china and the mg brand is being bought. it may be the end of longbridge but not rover or mg.

posted by  xpowerboy

here are their cars

clik on links

rover 75

rover 45

rover 25

The last longbridge line up

posted by  xpowerboy

Errrr, that's why they went bust. China pulled out last minute of buying Rover/MG.

It's over!! There's no workmen left at Rover/MG

posted by  fudge

Wahooooo... a response lol, I have had experience with crap Rovers (the majority), Head Gaskets blow all too often and the best move they ever made (there weren't meny btw!) was the use of Honda Engines in old 216's etc :thumbs:

Btw, I beg to differ about the MG-TF being a cool car! :ohcrap: ...

Have they done away with the hydrogas suspention yet? :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

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