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I am looking at buying a cooper S and I am planning on getting the cooper works package with it. I was wondering if it is worth the price to get it, or am I better off going the aftermarket route?

posted by  BIRDOFPREY

Since sometimes aftermarket additions tend to nullify warranties or limit them, I'd go with the warranted JCWP. It sounds like a nice package! 200hp in that small of a car? Whew!! That thing will be pretty zippy!

posted by  BavarianWheels

well its not really as if the Cooper S needs more power, we own one and it flys especially on small lanes, but the Works pack is definately the one to go for, if you want to keep your waranty and it also looks and seems the most proffessional finish!

:thumbs: good job on choosing a cooper S they rock!

posted by  Flying_Dane

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