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We are looking to buy a used far for a 17 year old kid. We have picked out 2 cars- A 1999 Audi A4 or a 2000 Honda Civic. They both have around 50,000 miles on them. They are both about the same price-just under 10,000. We have consernes about the basic performance of the 2 and also how much the up keep will cost. Since they are both imports, which will be cheaper to maintain? So basically, which would you buy and why?
Thanks alot.

posted by  Masuk

guys please any opinion will do. If any of you have a persanol preference just leave it here. Plus maybe an explanation. thanks

posted by  Masuk

in all honesty i would say go for the civic. parts cost a lot more for an audi, they're harder to work on, 4wd can be temperamental and costly and it'd be harder on gas.
with that being said audi's do have an allure to them. especially as a first car.
i remember my first car, an audi 5000s. i shouldnt have bought it cause the repair bills gouged me over the years to come. a newer audi SHOULD be reliable though, hopefully manageable for some time.

off the top of my head that price for the a4 seems a bit low to me. make sure it hasnt been in any accidents. check the frame/body well if you decide to go with it.

civic parts are dirt cheap and they're super reliable.
so you have to figure out if you want a very nice german car with potential upkeep, or a middle of the road boring car that wont ever cost much to run.

posted by  chloroform

The Audi is nice but the repair costs are going to be more expensive on it so I would pick the Honda because of their reliability,gas mileage, and low repair bills. :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

My family has had several A4s and they are great. But for reliability and repairs etc, I would go with the Civic. It is a very reliable car, and is great.

posted by  StiMan

For the sake of your kid get the Audi

posted by  Oomba

For a teenager who we all know will probably drive hard, it's best not to get a car that already has a bad rep for repairs. Get the Civic and save yourself a few grand later for later on for not having all the repairs done to the Audi.

posted by  thunderbird1100

c'mon man. audi's got the awd, they are european, what else can you say? you are getting a lot more for your money by going with the audi. also the awd will give you a lot more stability in the winter ...

audi all the way

posted by  Bonniedriver

I have to admit, the Audi A4 is very alluring...and your kid would be thrilled by it...


For the reasons others have mentioned, the Civic is a better choice. This is an impartial opinion, I'm not saying this just cause I'm the Hondaman. The Civic is a more sensible and practical first car for a kid.

posted by  hondaman

Insurance, repairs --> Honda
Safety, AWD---> Audi
If I were your son I'd love to have either one....Those A4's are NICE

posted by  volklover

I bet he wants the A4 :)

civic - cheaper repairs, lower insurance
audi - much nicer car, expencive parts because its an import

personally i'd pick a audi and take the risk if its only 50,000km. But that might just be because I love Audi's.

posted by  comb

Not all A4s have AWD. So saying "get the Audi for its AWD" is a bit premature. If it's not the Quattro version, it's just FWD.

Either car will be safe enough. Netiher car will be race cars, but neither will be dogs, either. The parts/repair cost WILL be greater for the Audi if it ends up needing repairs. I love the A4s, but for what you're buying it for, the Civic is the better choice.

posted by  ChrisV

We had a Audi A4 of the same model section (ours was a 1997) and we had a lot of repairs that we had to do, but it is a good car. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

Actually ur close to the price of a Cavalier/Sunfire brand new.

posted by  Oomba

Well I would go for the Audi, its more reliable than the Honda by far. But its replacement parts are going to be more expensive, and since its a 17 year old kid we're talking about here he probably dosent have much money to spend on gas and that sort of thing so you should probably go with the Honda, solely because its parts are cheaper and it gets better gas mileage.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Umm. No. Honda makes the (I think) second most reliable cars in the world. (Second to Toyota I believe, they trade off). We have had several Audi's and at the same time had a Camry and the Camry has yet to have to go get maitanance and the A4's had to go alot. (Granted a Camry is a Toyota and we are talking about Honda's, but whatever...) Audi's are NOT more reliable than Honda's. :screwy:

posted by  StiMan

Well, Ive had different experiences.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Audi is definately working on quality in North America, but from what I have seen Honda's are far more reliable. Just look at Consumer Reports. Most Audi's have the black dot for reliability and Hondas have the "excellent." They are both good cars, it just depends on personal preference. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

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