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nissan 350z or a vw r32??

posted by  hausieb33

um 350z
is it necessary to give reasons?

posted by  chloroform

you don't have to post the same question in two different sections of the forum.

posted by  mirot

for me the r32 because it has awd. and just because i like a majority vw's over nissans.

posted by  enzo

The R32 GT-R uses the newly introduced RB26DETT engine, a DOHC inline-6 with 24-valves and a six-throttle inlet manifold. A bore of 86mm in connection with a stroke of 73.7mm make for an overall displacement of 2568cc. A compression ratio of 8.5:1, twin T28 Garrett turbochargers and a large front-mounted intercooler help the RB26DETT produce 280hp at 6800rpm and 360Nm (260lb-ft) of torque at 4400rpm.

The V-Spec Version

The Victory Specification version is the most sportive version of the Skyline GT-R. It uses a stiffer suspension and a revised all-wheel-drive system. Additionally the performance is improved by bigger 17inch 225/50 tires and four-pot Brembo brakes with ventilated 324mm discs up front and two pot 300mm Brembo brakes in the back.

i think you know which 1 gets my vote :clap:

posted by  Richymartin

Yea but WRONG R32...he says VW R32 in the first post...

Yea I know I'd take the Skyline R32 anyday over almost any car...

Here...I'd take the VW R32

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Don't copy and paste without citing the source
I'd go with the R32. Get a 50,000 loan and ship that thing off to HPA.

posted by  Godlaus

my mistake, i was at college and in a hurry :doh:, check my other posts, i normally do

posted by  Richymartin

No problem, just acknowledge the source :thumbs: .

posted by  Godlaus

350z hands down. Why pay £20000+ for a hatchback that looks like any normal Golf GTi? Also the R32 is a bit on the lardy side of 1500kg especially for a hot hatch.

The 350z has a fresh design and is a car that looks like it's worth it's money. Interior looks much more classy, bigger engine and RWD. Turns more heads than a Golf and also it doesn't have the stereotype boy racer image.

The 350z has already proved it's sucess in motorsport as it claimed the JGTC championship last year.

posted by  fudge

The 350z is just plain sexier. Simple as that.

posted by  Juhosaphat

the nissan no question....Id take a 350z over a r32 anyday, hell Id take one over two. :D

posted by  comb

You stole the words right out of my mouth. The Z gets my vote!

posted by  moostang104314

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