some cool car in saudi arabia

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this some cool car in saudi arabia

1_this car to Prince/ naser Bin faisal it was light blue color (bmw 745 li)

2_this car to al khtane it was yellow colorer (escalade)

3_this car to (I dont no :wink2: ) it was magec colore (escalade)

4_ this orange blazer for alaraba

5_this car to alsahreef (cl 600)

I hope You like the car and Thanks

posted by  BoRn_2_LoVe_1

The rapper Nelly has a Escalade with a paint job just like the 7-Series bimmer in the first pic.

posted by  StiMan

i wish i was in the saudi oil empire :doh: :smoke:

posted by  chloroform

you would be outta a job mate :doh:, the americans army own most of them now lol.

posted by  Richymartin

Saudi has way more oil than afghanistan and Iraq. Saudi arabia could supply the entire US's oil if they wanted to. And that's saying something.

posted by  Godlaus

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