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I was wondering what other people think the best BMW ever made is in overall performance...

posted by  M3er

The BMW M1. I have seen them race at Sebring and they kick arse. :thumbs:

posted by  99integra

the m3 in your sig. i know it's modified, but that's my dream m3 right there. :thumbs:

posted by  enzo#2

The 01-02 M coupe.

They were completly designed by engineers, marketing and execshad no say in how it was made. Which is why they perform so well.

or maybe the E36 M3 *points at sig* :laughing:

posted by  Zalight

i think the Z8 is a nice car as well

posted by  M3er

M1 baby. Great car. Or the M Coupe, or the new M5.

posted by  StiMan

m1 pictures

posted by  99integra

:rock: very nice :rock:

posted by  M3er

Oh yeah, and you should hear them downshift at Sebring :drool:

posted by  99integra

i found this sketch which i think is the upcoming clue when it will come out...sounds and looks pretty sweet from what i have read so far

posted by  M3er

Sure hope BMW comes out with a super car. They have no competition against the SLR McLaren. (Atleast not in my opinion.)

posted by  StiMan

i agree

posted by  M3er

Me too.

Anyways, my personal favorite BMW is the Z8. :mrgreen:

posted by  Bubba

My personal favourite is the M3 CSL.....although I'm not too sure how soon the lack of creature comforts would take it's toll :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

The best BMW ever made would have to be the E36, doesn't matter which body you put on it. That straight 6 engine is legendary. Simple as that.

posted by  Juhosaphat

?, Didnt BMW own Mclaren? now, Mercedes does, oh and, my favorite would be the M6 , looks pretty cool the way its coming out

posted by  Racer14

I've heard of an M1 but never seen it until now and I think that looks like the sexiest BMW ever made. Either that or an M3 GTR which won the GT class in ALMS a few years ago.

posted by  fudge

My favorite Bimmer is the e46 330ci. But, when I think of the greatest BMW's ever made, I think of the Z8, 2002, and M coupe. But the car that takes the crown has got to be the e39 5-series. It has a perfect balance of performance and luxury, plus it is in my opinion one of the best designed cars ever. The BMW is classic and clean with a sporty stance. Not too extreme, but not to boring either:

posted by  moostang104314

MB doesnt own McLaren. They simply worked together on one car. I dont think BMW owned McLaren either. But I am not so sure. :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

I'll have to go with the M3 GTR. I'm not a big BMW fan, but after seeing one in TOKYO...I was hooked. That and my friend has like a thousand pics of them.


posted by  Ditty

I'm a fan of the early 00's M5. It's a mean sports car, but has that classy, understated look too.

posted by  windsonian

I agree...the previous gen M5 was one of my dream cars forever...and still is...400HP 6 spd manual...nice...

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Ya, I really liked the looks. A last gen M5 with the current (new) M5 powertrain and engine... that would be nice! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

The owner of Sandia BMW, my local bmw dealership, was telling me about an Mcoupe he once saw that had an M5 engine and drivetrain. Im pretty sure that would be my favorite BMW ever, if only I got to see/sit-in/drive/drift it.

posted by  Zalight

Remember, once you got to sit in it and drive it then you may never wanna get out of it, or have the incredible urge to steal it. :wink2:

posted by  car_crazy89

Without a doubt, the new 2005 BMW M5 :thumbs: :mrgreen:

posted by  carcrazziecarl

the best bmw made is the raceing ones

posted by

Really, and do you have any proof of this statement?

posted by  99integra

the 318i :doh: :doh: :doh:

posted by  gadydabest

i'm with StiMan, windsonian, and NISSANSPDR on the previous-generation M5. my uncle has one of those and i just love the look/performance combination. just enough sport look, just enough typical-sedan look, and all that power through the 6-speed. mmmm :drool:

posted by  SuperJew

Superjew, Do me a favor, get off the internet, and go steal your uncles M5.....Ready?



hahahahahahahahaha I just realized that i originally spelled internet internat hahahahahahahaha

posted by  Zalight

M coupe is one of two ugly things BMW has ever produced....318Ti, and Mcoupe.

My favorite Bimmer is the e36 M3. Still in the "light"-ish BMW era, and so perfect in so many ways. Handling, brakes, power, interior, looks, need I go on?

posted by  mahalaleel

Lol, I like both of those cars. The 318Ti is one of my favorite cars that people hate (I also like the Porsche 914 which many people hate.)

posted by  StiMan

Yeah, I can't deny the performance of the M coupe though. And lots of people do like them, and they're very rare. Saw one the other day. Soo weird looking.

posted by  mahalaleel

They do look kinda strange, I wont deny that.

posted by  StiMan

This threads old, but I love the new M6..its just so sexy.
[img][ img]

posted by  elchango36

You forgot the /. Here you go:

Nice car, big pic.

posted by  StiMan

Ahh man. I love the way the M coupe looks! Its so damn sexy (to me)!!

posted by  Zalight

I cant wait for the Z4 M-Edition. It will have a M3 engine (333 hp) in the tiny Z4! Thats going to be sweeeeet.

posted by  StiMan

I don't know. the Isetta and 600 aren't exactly pretty,

Neither is the 340

And I like the 318 hatchback. RWD, but lighter than the regular coupe and sedan, with all teh same suspension bits available. And as easy to make a lighter, practical M3 clone from ... ;)

I'd bet one of these would make a great autocross car. And I kind of like the stubby look.

posted by  ChrisV

Ya. I really do like that look. Perhaps you should buy one Chris?! :hi:

posted by  StiMan

if I buy a BMW, it'll probably be my old 6 series back, or MAYBE a 740i Sport. But I highly doubt I'll be buying another BMW anytime soon. Too many other choices ahead of it (and no time or money to buy all of them).

posted by  ChrisV

Well then I guess you will just have to rob a bank... :laughing:

posted by  StiMan

I have to go with my dream car...2002 M5. Id love to afford one :ohcrap:

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

There is a girl ion my area with a 318ti with the s50 euro M3 engine swap....The thing is disgustingly fast. Plus shes hot.

BMW fanatic, Hot, Knows what shes doing with cars. I must marry this woman.

posted by  Zalight

In overall performance from the factory, I would have to say the new M5/M6 would likely outperform any stock BMW ever, but they certainly aren't my favorite.

posted by  VG30DE

Ya, jeezus Zalight hop to it! :hi:

posted by  StiMan

The M1 is the sexiest

posted by  Oomba

well the best looking one would have to be the 2000ish M3 or the 95 M5

posted by  jedimario

lol how old is she?

posted by  jedimario

I dunno, but that shouldnt matter to Zalight! :hi:

posted by  StiMan

I dunno, she looked about 22.......and hot.

posted by  Zalight

Well that's all that matters, isn't it :roll:

posted by  jedimario

Ya, lol. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

Did I miss something....? You cant talk about hot chicks without me :laughing:

posted by  SlipKnoT

Well, we can try but of course you joined in so.... :laughing:

posted by  Zalight

back on topic, i think my favorite... which i will have some day... would be the bmw 850i

posted by  mazda6man

What? is no one going to admit their love for the new 1 series diesel? How about the old 518i?

Well I know you all must love the X3!!! who couldn't??

Seriously, BMW make some great cars, but they sure have some bad ideas from time to time don't they?

posted by  relicensed

I hope it doesn't look that, or that any 8 would look like that....

posted by  jedimario

you dont like the 850i? are you crazy? theyre only v12s and IMO theyre friggin sexy looking

posted by  mazda6man

I love all the 8's!!!!!!! But someone took the one in that pick and messed it all up!!! :banghead:

posted by  jedimario


posted by  mazda6man

Its got an aftermarket front spoiler, and aparently Jedi don't dig it.

posted by  Zalight

...crazy kids...

posted by  mazda6man

I know, huh?

posted by  Zalight

BMW V12 LMR no doubt

posted by  Gumpert-Apollo

How's about the car that made BMW famous in America and invented the term "sports sedan"?

posted by  83$+hax0revA

I think it is the older model m5's. But that is my opinion.

posted by  xlrated

Mmmm. I wouldn't mind picking up this M5, right here in Baltimore. Not a bad price.

But I'm trying to get the funding to pick up this one:

I love the Shark 6 series.

posted by  ChrisV

What county are you from?

posted by  SyntheticTrust

Lately I've been getting all obsessed with the E30 M3. Heres a whole pile of them...

And the best pic I have ever seen online:

I hope once I start my new job at BMW, I get to drive one...

posted by  Mathew

Thats the sexiest one as well. But then again, sexy and BMW dont really go together unless you're talking about the Z's.

posted by  PontiacFan27

Previous gen M5 and 5 series for the win.

posted by  importluva

Totally agree, a classic BMW. Also, the Z8 is a pretty sweet one:

posted by  moostang104314

The Z8 is so freakin sexy, pictures don't do it any justice at all. We've got one in the shop right now, and getting up close to it really lets you see its beauty. Its so retro and so aggressive, you just cant see that from pictures. Plus the interior is wild.

Oh yeah and I sat in it.... :thumbs:

posted by  Mathew

i've sat in a Z8, too! :laughing:

and I completely second what Mathew has to say about it....its just so unique.

posted by  SuperJew

there is no comparison... E38 7 series Highline 740il is the best car ever. It has more car, it has the most exsorbinant amount of luxuries and cost $220,000 to buy due to it being hard and a mommoth task at the time to build it. It also far supercedes the quality that any vehicle or workmanship is allowed to put into a car these days. It is far better than RR because it has the most options, the most intuitive, the most balanced design, and has got the most comforting human endeavour of any car ever made. This is not asking what is the fastest is askin what is the best car.. E38 is the best car.. I own the best 740il because mine has EVERY option that was available to 750il...but with a much more refined motor (740il sport 32 valve)

faggot   10 Dec 2012 12:26

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