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I've been looking into getting something nice for myself and I have found it; a 1997 Jaguar XJR. Being the car nut that I am, the 322 crank hp just isn' going to cut it. Now, I'm not thinking about going off the deep end here. I just want the car to be a little bit better than the average luxury/performance sedan, maybe 400 or 450 crank HP max. The delema is, I've been looking all over the internet and have only found a few things from companies that, to tell the truth, I don't really trust.

Lets look at what I would like, in the end, for this beast that I like to nickname, "The Pussy Magnet".

Performance -
Exhaust: After searching, I have yet to find ANYONE that sells a header for the XJR. Not one single company. I Have found that Borla USED to sell a cat-back system but said kit has been long since discontinued. I could, like I have done before, piece together my own cat-bak using a highflow cat and a universal muffler, but, I am not an engineer, and I would like to keep the performance/luxury sound over the bee-farting-in-a-coffee-can sound. Also, after my last experiance with using a local muffler shop to weld my pieces together and after having the welds break after about 1,000 miles, I really would like something more "professional".
The Supercharger: I have found on e-ghey (sorry, e-Bay) someone that is selling a pulley kit to up the stock boost +1.5 psi. This would require re-tuning the ECU to compensate. What I am thinking is using a friend of mine to make the pulley kit for, ohh say, +2.0 or 3.0 psi and using an S-AFC for the fuel tuning. Of course I would have to hide the S-AFC somewhere in the interior b/c I don't what my luxo-car's interior looking like that of my other car.
Intake: Again on e-ghey, I have found an intake-kit. This worries me a bit b/c, like I said, I really don't trust too many people on e-ghey. I could fab up my own, but, again, I am NOT an engineer, so I have no idea if that will produce ANY type of power addition.
Suspension - I was thinking that this car would look pretty darn good lowered MAYBE an inch. But, the problem is that I have only found one place that sells any sort of suspension and it was shock absorbers. (NOT what I am looking for.) I'm going to need some help on that little problem.
Wheels: Probably the #1 no-brainer of this whole thing. I can just get some VERY nice wheels off of either a 1999 or 2001 XJR (can't remember which ones I liked better), and since the newer wheels are 19 inchers compared to the stock 17 inchers...that is a bonus, style and performance upgrade.
Interior -
Stereo: I know that the stock Harmon Kardon stereo is VERY nice, but messing with a tapedeck in the dash just isn't my style, so I would like to upgrade to a CD/MP3 player. Problem with this is that I cannot find a stereo-install kit ANYWHERE! I could hide it like the S-AFC, but then what would be the point of having the CD player? The car already has a 6-disk changer. Another thing is I have a box that I got off a friend. And since there is really NO way in hell I can fill the Mafia-sized trunk, I thought I'd use it. But, how the hell am I going to splice into the stock Harmon kardon amp? I sure haven't found the schematics on the internet.

So, now, after reading my rant, you might see the problems I am faced with. I don't want to spend too much $$$ giving this car my personal touch and I sure as hell don't want to defile what Jaguar and Ford have put together. So, I put it to you, please help me. Give me any information you can. Tell me if I missed anything. Tell me that there is a guy you know that can do this or that. Give me a lead on a site so that I can get this thing started. I love the XJR's...and I want to love mine even more!


posted by  Ditty


posted by  Ditty

Most of what you want is going to have to be custom made. Sorry. There are no kits. But remember, teh factory made the supercharged engines to 400 hp in teh S Type R and nwere XKR, so really try to duplicate that effort. It'll cost, but that's the price you pay to play.

Headers. the XJR has factory headers that really don't have to be changed to support higher power. That's why no one makes any.

You can up the boost with a different pulley, but like you said a lot has to be changed. You need to remap teh ECU, or add a standalone controller. I'm sure you can find a place to hide it.

Intake. It's a fancy word for air cleaner. With a supercharged engine, there is zero difference in ANY aftermarket "intake" if you must, check out what the newer S Type R uses and duplicate it (though I doubt you'd see any difference)

Suspension. A couple routes here. There are a couple of places that make springs for the car (like Arden). Eibach will make springs for you, as well. You might want to call the guys at, as well. OR, and I've done this on dozens of street and racing cars, get the stiffer shocks, have Quickor bend up some swaybars to your dimensions, and simply cut a couple coils out of the springs. if you only go an inch or so, you will not have any problems with bottoming out or ride. it is quite safe to do if you do it right and do NOT use heat to do it (heating a spring crystallizes it and causes it to be brittle. Bad stuff)

Stereo. You're going to have to have a good shop do this one. There is no kit. You MIGHT get a wiring diagram for the stereo from teh jag dealer, but I kind of doubt it.

posted by  ChrisV

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