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What is your favorite BMW????? I personnally like the m5 for loooks and power but would like to have an M3.

posted by  Black Interceptor

I'd have to agree, but what year?? i myself find the e30 to be delightful, with a few mods (springs, swaybars, chip, exhaust, intake) even more delightful. It is a tad underpowered, but it makes a sweet track car because of its light weight.

Im also very fond of the the M-coupe. just the combination of the interesting look of the car backed up by the gobs of horsepower it has, i just love it!

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My favourite BMW is the latest 3 Series Convertible! I know someone who has a blue 323Ci with seat-integrated seatbelt system, full bodykit, rear wing, 20" chromed alloys, 10 cd, dvd, massive subwoofer in the trunk and in car TV/NAV.

posted by  Unfedfat

you said it. E30 M3... beautiful car. my cuz had one, let me drive it a couple of times... man i loved that car
i like the E36 M3 too, but not as much.. the E46 M3 i also like, but not as much as the E36 in terms of looks, its not sleek enough, too bulgy...
end of the day, id settle with either of the 3 but a mint E30 M3 Evo would be most welcome out of all of them...


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I like the E39 540i best of all. I love the styling--serious and perceptive from the front, flowing and elegant from the side, and sporty from the back--and think it is perhaps the most beautiful car on the road. I believe Car and Driver once described it as looking like a 'single, crystalline thought, not a collection of desperate good ideas'. I like the fact that the 540i is smaller and more sporting than the 7-Series but includes most of its luxury amenities. Overall, I think this car exudes confidence, performance and class and stands as one of the safest and most technologically-advanced cars available. I love the M5 too, but feel the 540 blends luxury and performance more seamlessly than any other car. It's my dream to one day own an E39 5-Series, especially a 540i.

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I would have to say the M5 is the best BMW built if you drive stick and the 4.6i X5 is the best for an automatic. I know the new 7 series is packed with tons of goodies but with so much new, bleeding edge technology I wonder how long it will last. The last thing we would need is to have BMW stop production on the I-Drive and when people start buying used ones a few years down the road it is too costly to maintain if it breaks. I want an M5... :twisted: its fast, quick, has a smooth ride, and can carry the kids to school!

posted by  Deepdish

My dear people, E30 M3's are very nice. But just not in the same league as an E24. That's the 6 series :-) okay more specifically a M6. In metallic light blue, with all the chrome on the arches and bumpers :-)

The front is just gorgeous, the rear so sleek, every time I see one I want one :-)


posted by  kilted_BMW_nut

if theres an "M" in it, i like it

posted by  mazda6man

:D I would say M3 without a doubt. Every model/year is excellent!!!!!

posted by  Vikas1

My favorite would have to be the E46 M3, but the E30 M3 EVO III is very very nice. However, I have a few other less well-known models:
BMW Bavaria
BMW 2002tii and Turbo
E23 745i 5-Spd
E28 535is

posted by  JDM Enthusiast

so many to choose from.....Iseta, or a 3.0 csl. M5 is always welcom. e36 m3 is one of my all time favorite bimmers, e30 is a true race bread auto, z8 gotta love the bond car. i love em all. even the bangleized ones.

posted by  DTMBaller

Nice choices, and welcome.

posted by  JDM Enthusiast

how bout a m coupe/roadster!!! i really wanna build one of these. sexy looking car.

posted by  DTMBaller

M Coupes some hot shit there :D

posted by  SuperJew

Isn't it though. They should make a body kit for the z3 and m roadster that gives it that backend.

posted by  DTMBaller

The Older M5s', they just have a nice beefie look.
And the Z3 look well....bleh

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

Favorite BMW: 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution. Wider fiberglass fenders, 16 inch wheels, alcantara steering wheel. 238bhp 2.5L inline-four, 0-60 in 6.5 and the quarter in 14.8. It was light, quick, and handled like a dream. Some people wonder why I drive a 1990 325i... it's because of that car. I absolutely believe that the e30 chassis was the last of the great BMWs, although there have been two exceptions: e39 M5 and M Coupe. Others may be faster, but there are none with the type of handling where you feel as if the car has tapped into your cerebral cortex. e30er for life.

posted by  iamane30m20nut

M5 is my favorite...Drove one a few months ago and still think it was one of the best cars I've driven in a while...I used to like the 850 back in the day...

posted by  Machine

i like the 330 ci the best

posted by  S2000Boy

I definitely would have to say the 2002 (or newer) 740 IL!

posted by  JettaChiC20

The late 80's 635i. The 6 series was absolutely amazing. Yea, they were fugly, but they were the best drivers of any Bimmer. However, like all old BMWs, they needed a lot of work.

Also, I really liked the 8 series from the early 90's. The V12 is the smoothest, most comfortable engine to put in the car. Too bad gas mileage sucked...

posted by  TM875

I would have to say that this is my favourite BMW!! I wish it was mine!!

I don't care for the exhaust tip...but the rest is just pure heaven!!


posted by  BavarianWheels

My favorite model would have to be the L6.It was a luxury version of the 635CSI.They were produced in 1987.

posted by  vwmaniac

With round headlights!

posted by  vwhobo

What a sweet ride!!


If only I could afford one of the like... 8)

posted by  BavarianWheels

i love all the models of the M3, i tried buying an old 85-89 but a little bit out of my budget, but from what i've seen the new 6 series is gorgous. i also love my BMW its my first car, not the best BMW there is but i love it

posted by  Wafles

Quite nice, Wafles.

posted by  BavarianWheels

yup she gets me A to B lol

posted by  Wafles

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