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i have recently purchased a 1986 190E mercedes benz 8 valve 2.3L. I want to put a new engine in it a 1986 190E2.3 16- valve engine in it. but im not to sure on what is the difference between a long block engin and a short block engine, does anyone know which is better for my car and why it is better.
thank you

posted by  waitilldasummer

never mind i figured it out long block has cylinder heads.

posted by  waitilldasummer

If I was you I would not change engine's,I have a mercedes 190E 2.0 and I did race to a 190E 2.3 16v and I was only 0.5 seconds behinde so I think that I wont have much effect to change engin's for that money you can tune up you engine and make It more powerful than a normal 2.3 16v

posted by  Mercedes190E

an 8v is faster in the first 3 gears
the only difference is the 16v uses less fuel and is a newer type of engine, usually

posted by  pornking

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