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A few weeks ago, my friend and I found an E class Benz, it was a 98' E320 with 58,000 miles on it. The private owner listed the price at $13,500.

We went and checked it out, I got a chance to test drive it! It was really good condition. The owner was a very nice man as well....letting us test drive it and everything....He was willing to lower the price, at least I think, lol.

I was impressed, I wanted to buy it...however, my dad didn't agree with me :ohcrap:

Mistake or Not? What do you think?

Check it out for yourself ar_year=1998&make=MB&distance=50&lang=&max_price=14000&model=&end_year=2006 &min_price=1&certified=&address=63129&search_type=used&advanced=&start_year =1998&isp=y&cardist=14

posted by  NedTheMan

i dont think that car is worth looks DUMB! and for a person that is about 90 years old...

posted by  inam

Little late now............

posted by  Godlaus

Looks aren't necessarily everything...if it's comfortable, and he lowers the price, I'd say go for it... :oops: You can't anymore. lol

posted by  chris_knows

Its a very nice car, man. I have always liked the E Class. It has just what its name implies...class. And don't worry about your dad disapproving, I went through the same thing when I got my car.

posted by  Zalight

So mixed reactions, thanks for the advice guys :thumbs: honestly, now that I think of it, a BMW fits me a little more given my age. I may go for a Mercedes in the future, but I would prefer a 3 series..or one of the BMW M Models.

Thats a nice one there Zalight

posted by  NedTheMan

How old are you Inam, you seem very young in your other posts and if not, I think its time to start talking like a grown up :2cents:

posted by  99integra

Thanks man, I recomend one for sure. The only problem is, once you get used to how smooth and perfectly balanced BMW's are, you're not going to be able to settle for anything less...

posted by  Zalight

My friend owns one of the 3 series models...a 94' 325i....that car being 11 years old with 170,000+ miles on it handles better than the Benz I drove....on that note, I can imagine what an M3 feels like. Fortunately for us, BMW Motors isn't going we dont have to settle for anything else or anything less.

posted by  NedTheMan

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