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Does anyone know where I can find pictures of BMW's with black rims or hyper black rims. There's a set of 20's that I want to get for my 2004 black 325i but I can decide between black w/chrome lip or hyper black and I can't find any pictures anywhere? Help :banghead:

posted by  spyuled

Black on Black is a very nice look, Go to, they have an image emulator to give you an idea of what you're car will look like with th rims on it.

By the way, Join As much as I like that advertising. Send by PM if you must.

posted by  Zalight

20 inch wheels will look hideous on a 325i. If you want to sport 20's, you need a much bigger car like a 6 series or 7 series, or an SUV.

We had a Bentley Continential GT in the shop with tasteful 22 inch wheels. Looked friggin sweet.

posted by  Mathew

What would be a good size? It seems like all of the wheels I find I like only start out in 20's. Afriend of mine has 19" and they only look hideous because his BMW is that charcoal gray color and the rims are black.

posted by  spyuled

if i had a 04 325i i would have 18 inch wheels on it. that size just seems right to me for that car.. maybe 19 but i would never put 20's or above on it. what purpose would it serve to have oversized rims on a car that was designed for a much lower size? besides taking it to a car show and looking ghetto.
just 18's and lower the ride height a bit. :laughing:

posted by  chloroform

Good point. I'm just a dumb girl and according to all the sales people the bigger the better.. There probably just trying to take me for more money.

posted by  spyuled

Yeah, they are.

posted by  jedimario

Sorry Bav, just trying to give her a better outlet for BMW questions, as this is more of a general forum.

Ill send a PM next time.

posted by  Zalight

I can't believe THAT was considered advertising. Should've removed the mention as they might make money off of her. And might as well not say the name of the car manufacturer, as that's promoting a commercial outfit.

It's one thing to register here JUST to tell people about YOUR forum/commercial website, or one you're on. But when a long time member mentions a marque specific forum as a legitimate response to a legitimate question about getting information, it's absolutely absurd to construe it as advertising.

posted by  ChrisV

not too long ago, my uncle put 19's on his 328, it looks sweeeeet, there lk blackish greyish privat's. and the bmw is red, but yea he went with the 19's and it looked very nice

posted by  vlc92189

Mike Jone's has one. Buy his.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

325i's are slow enough. Here comes extralong gearing, super-unpsrung weight, and rubbing on everything. I don't wish 20's on any vehicle with less than 300 lb. ft. of torque or a new final drive ratio.

posted by  VG30DE

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