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I'm considering turning in my Audi A8L next summer and moving toward a smaller faster car, my current favorite is an Audi RS4 ( but if anyone has any suggestions (or perhaps some good advice on aftermarket parts, I know it hasn't been released yet but ideas wouldn't hurt).

Anyways the criteria are that it has to be four-wheel drive (I live in New England) and fast. Price is no limit.

posted by  Beeelions

RS4 is really good and cool

If not that there's always the E55 or M5 since you seem to like luxury sedans w/some pep

posted by  NISSANSPDR

There aren't many all-wheel drive cars that are "fast." The closest you can get to an RS4 is a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution or a Subaru Impreza STi, which both have all-wheel drive. I can't think of any other suggestions, so if it's speed and all-weather traction you want the Audi RS4 will no doubt please you and has a lot more creature comforts than either the Evo or STi.

posted by  moostang104314

nope. neither of those come in AWD. :doh:

but yeah, seeing your criteria, all I can think of are, as previously stated, the Evo or the STi. then there's also the VW Golf R32....if you can actually get one, which is highly unlikely. good luck with your search... :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

Definately the RS4. We have had 2 Audi A4s, and love them (1997 A4 1.8T and 2003 A4 Cab 3.0). I would certainly go with the RS4. Definately has the best deal in its class when compared to its BMW and Benz offerings. :2cents:

If you want a cheaper car that is similar I would recomend the STi, but it is certainly far from the lux style of the Audi.

posted by  StiMan

if you a fast and confortable car, the RS4 is the suitable car :smoke:

other fast cars 4x4 are lancer Evo and subaru...

posted by  bemder


posted by  bemder

RS6 anyone?

posted by  VG30DE

Jaguar X type S anyone??? awd, 3.0 engine, i love it, we've got one. BUT! audi rs4 is awsome too, i'd go with the rs4 AWSOME car.

posted by  collareddrifter

Umm... no offense but unless you are a millionaire that is an impossible car to get. When they were still for sale, people on ebay would bid upwards of $180K simply to get a CHANCE to buy one for like over $200k. And thats only if the dealership putting that on ebay gets a bid for one, then you have to ship it... I think its out of the question.

posted by  StiMan

If money is not considered, get a Bentley Continential GT, 550 HP, AWD.

posted by  Mathew

AWD eh?

You could get a TSi, bro....Im just kidding.

But en serio, If price is no factor, and you want fast, and you want small car, and you want awd, get a damn murcielago!

But if you want a big comfy car with some speed and AWD, and price still isn't a factor then get the bentley.

posted by  Zalight

Love that car...

posted by  Gumpert-Apollo

one mother of a car

posted by  importluva

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