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Well I bought my "second car" tonight off of a guy. It's a 97 Jetta it for $2000. It's got 106,000 miles on it, it's white, 5 speed, sunroof, spoiler, 5 cd changer. It's a sharp looking car in my has some minor scuffs here and there but overall it's in pretty good shape...I think I got it for a great price. I'll be picking it up Tuesday, hopefully I can figure out how to get pics up and i'll post them. Think I got a good deal?

posted by  TricksteR 2338

Sounds about right to me.....pitty you posted this here though...(General cars) :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

That's a pretty nice car...what's your first ride? Can't wait to see pics

posted by  chris_knows

my first ride was a 98 Cavalier lol....everything looks good for tuesday i'll be taking pics :mrgreen: oh yeah...sorry cliffy lol

posted by  TricksteR 2338

Ive never heard of a jetta trek. Get some pics up soon

posted by  bigdaveangell

It was a special Jetta that looked more rugged, came with roof racks and a Trek Mountain Bike.

posted by  Mathew

Its pretty much a GLS....mine doesn't have the racks on it more then likely taken off....the thing i like the most is the seats...they're hard to describe i should have some pics up tomorrow. :mrgreen:

posted by  TricksteR 2338

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