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Looking to get a car in a year or so. Looking in the current M3 price range plus/minus a bit.

Option 1 - Current M3 SMG. 0-60 4.8sec
Pros - fast, respected, amazing handling (coupe)
Cons - looks dated, ugly imo, being replaced soon, convertible is slow, convertible handles bad

Option 2 - SLK 55 0-60 4.5 sec
Pros - wicked fast, beats M3s, quite nice looking, convertible
Cons - Some people think it's girly, not as good handling as m3

Option 3 - New M3
Pros - gonna be fast, gonna look quite good
Cons - gonna be very expensive, prolly too much

Option 4- CLK55 0-60 4.7
Pros - Fast, luxury, good looking, beats m3 slightly
Cons - Not as fast as slk, Convertible is quite slow compared to coupe

posted by  n401

The new M3, in a heartbeat. Mercedes cheats to get to their power, through forced induction, and giant displacement. BMW makes their power through refined engineering.

posted by  Zalight

Yeah, what he said, plus the M3 looks sooo much better

posted by  jedimario

Let's add Cayman to the list too.

posted by  n401

cheats? I think not.

uses a different method to create more power? yes.

posted by  SuperJew

I have a lot of respect for M3s, but I do feel like a slk or cayman is more "unique" since lots of people have m3s.

slks looks pretty cool imho

posted by  n401

Hmm... my friend (who is infact on CF as M3er) has a 2005 M3. Pretty nice, and I do think that SLKs are a bit girly. Hmm... Cayman S is good, but what about RS4 Sedan, or a S4 Cabriolet (Audis)?

posted by  StiMan

SLKs are amazingly fast, like break your neck fast. I want to eventually own one, so don't think im bashing it by any means. But yes, they are cheaters. The M division could just as easily thrown forced induction in normal cars and called it a sport upgrade.....But instead they used engineering and technology to make power.

But anyway, the point is:

The new M3 is going to be a refined and sophisticated car with plenty of grunt. The SLK is somewhat exotic and very badass. If money isn't an issue, go with what YOU want.

posted by  Zalight


posted by  StiMan

I was under the impression the SLK55 and CLK55 are naturally aspirated. While the CL, E, and CLS are super charged.

posted by  n401

I think you are right, but the point is that its just a normal SLK with a 5.4 liter V8 instead of the 3.6, and an AMG badge.

posted by  Zalight

It's your money but, imo the slk especialy and the clk are the hair stylist cars of choice if ya get my meaning?
and I can't see how you think the current m3 looks dated? I think it looks great still. and if they make the new 3 look anything like the rest of the new current range (which they will) I would much rather the m3 we get now.

For some reason bmw seem to make a good model then a bad model over and over. performance and handling allways seem to improve, but styling?????

Well hey, it's real easy to spend when it's not my money. drive them all and ask your friends what they think, very few cars are bought for practical reasons (except the prius). You wont care wot we think compared to the people who will see you everyday in it.

good luck.

posted by  relicensed

The old m3 fo sho. Then by a supercharger and stronger brakes

posted by  Gumpert-Apollo

As from my point of view, Mercedes Benz never stood any chance in battle with BMW when it comes to comparing of performances. Today these two manufacturers both have good models, but I would still go for BMW. M3 CSL BMW is now lighter, more powerful and aerodynamics is improved. Engine is redesigned so that it can be lighter and provide more power to the ground below the rubber. Engineers in Bavaria have took off 10% of weight, by eliminating air conditioning, seats position electromotor, sound and heat isolation and doors became lighter. That automatically gives car better handling. Roof of the car is made completely of carbon fiber, so 6 kg are gained. It is very considerable, because mass on the roof effects seriously on stability in turns. Airflow is also redesigned, controlled so that air goes directly to the engines intake collector. Composite materials are used in the front bumper, rear bumper made completely out of fiberglass as well as the wall dividing the cabin and trunk. Trunk top is made of SMC plastic with new aerodynamic profile. Rear window is thinner than it is on the M3 serial model. I have not even told all, but overall extremely good sport car that you can drive on streets. If you want to have sportiest M3, you have to ask for CSL. Comfort is not so bad, from the outside car looks the same, so you get the same visual effect as with serial model. To be honest, even Mercedes’ model you have mentioned is extremely good too, because SLK 55 does not exist without AMG. Most powerful Mercedes’ SLK is 320 or something like that, but in AMG version, it is 55. AMG will not provide the rivals with easy battle for market, so new SLK 55 AMG gives unbelievable 360 bhp from its V8 engine of 5.4 liters of engine displacement. Trembles the ground beneath it… Man, I do not know how you got the idea to compare SLK with M3 and finally CLK, which is not even close in classes, however I will try to reply with as little regarding to a class subject as I can. SLK is front engine, rear wheel drive car as most German sport cars. It has max torque at relatively low rpm (510.0 Nm / 4000 rpm) so it has good acceleration. This year’s version completely turned to a sport design. More than last few versions, it is distanced from other Mercedes designs, making a statement of his own. It says, “I may be small I can chew asphalt as not so many even bigger than me can”. I have information that it is being produced with 7-gear automatic transmission, but no real sport car enthusiast drives automatic. Automatic transmission brings weight to car and less top speed. I assume that it will be produced in 6-gear version with manual transmission. It has electronically limited top speed to a 250 km/h, and high-performance braking system with internally ventilated and perforated brake discs & ABS to stop it from raging. This small athlete is very comfort as small car can be. Even taller persons can normally drive it without any trouble. Max power of 360 bhp reaches at 5750 rpm. Engine limited to 6500 rpm. Thunder from exhaust and Stuttgart precision gives this car advantage in choice over all cars in this class. SLK means Sporty Light Compact (Sportlich, Leicht, und Kompakt). SLK Called light because of its weight of 1540 kg. CLK will have its own reply some other day, that would be all for today, I have not more time at hand.

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

CLK's are way girlier than the new SLK's imo. Benz 3-valve SOHC 5.4 has great low end that the BMW DOHC 3.2 can't compete with. The Benz's will be much easier to live with (more streetable). These are reasons I would pick the M3. Presicion to out rev, out shift, and out handle at the expense of creature comforts and granny shifters. Do you turn stoplight's turn into quartermiles or do you carve corners. Either car could do either, but the harder you drive, the more you should think M3. New Z06 anyone?

posted by  VG30DE

Thats just funny. :mrgreen:

posted by  Mathew

When it comes to comparing, you always compare middle class with another division’s middle class. When you look at any Mercedes – Benz that begins with C, you can be sure that you are looking at the middle class C – class. Of course, CLK is not completely middle class, but it belongs to that class. When you have middle class that strong and with that much comfort, you can say that you really are going to the top. Mercedes with his CLK class combines luxury interior and middle class comfort. Size like C – class, looks like C – class, but all leather interior, “Tele Aid” emergency assistance system, four side airbags, Seven-channel digital surround automatic dual-zone air conditioning, 10 – way power front seats and rain – sensing windshield wipers, tells us that it is S – class’s apprentice. A keyless go system, navigation system, parktronic system, and bi – xenon headlights are available as options. 5.5 liters, five speed automatic transmission, eight cylindered V8 positioned engine with maximum power of 347 bhp at 5500 rpm, maximum torque of 510 Nm at 3000 rpm. Acceleration is satisfactory, 5.1 seconds to reach 60 mph (100km/h). As long as I am concerned, I would not buy this car because it comes only with automatic transmission, and you cannot drive outrageously, when common sense is controlling your gears. I hope that it has as we call it here in Europe “sequentional” transmission, which is almost like (I say this with reserve) manual, but lot more efficient. If it would be sequentional, than only I would recommend buying it. All the technical data aside, every Mercedes – Benz is top quality car, a little bit uninteresting for a sporty driving, but restful for normal drive and long trips. If you want to drive yourself through heavy traffic on not so long trips, everyday journeys like to the job and back, you should go for BMW M CLS or SLK. Calm and not so sporty drive is characteristic for CLK, which is also characteristic of a person who drives it. If you see yourself as a person who drives quietly (safer way) you should not think about BMW M or SLK. Noticing that you asked about two diametrically opposite types of cars, “M” and “SLK”, I see that you are more sporty drive type of person, so you should think that way when you will be buying your new car. If however you think of driving around the sights of rural Europe with Enya and Hevia on your seven channel sound system, than rational buy for you is CLK.

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

C=Middle class? Umm... what about the CLS or ridiculously expensive CL?

posted by  StiMan


posted by  Walt

Congrats! You can find a picture of a SLK!?! :screwy: :doh: :banghead:

posted by  StiMan

STI man, if you can't say anything relevant, please leave others to say whatever they want. Stop underestimating that man's effort and mine also. Picture of SLK sent by that man is more than good, and rare to find. Do not take me wrong, but next time let's talk more about subject and less about other people's point of view. Why don't you post something like that? Let us see your effort about subject. Friendly, NG

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

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