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I am 16 years old and looking to buy a BMW. I have about $5,000.00 to spend and am looking for one between the years of 1993-1999 and under 100,000 miles. Is this reasonable? If so, any recommendations on where to get one? I've tried the obvious, ebay and autotrader. Also when buying what should i be looking for? How important are miles? How long will one hold up for, 100,000, 200,000? Any advice that you could give me on buying my first car would be greatly appreciated.



PS: I may be new to BMW's, but im not to forums. I know how annoying it can be when a new person comes around asking for advice that to you, is common knowledge. Please bear with me. :-) Also if this is an inappropriate question to ask, moderators/administrators please don't hesitate to delete or move.

posted by  mdolsen

What series were you looking at? a 3? 5? 7? what?

If you're talking a 3 ( between 1992 and 1999 known as the e36) your not going to be able to find a one in good condition for under say 8k if your VERY lucky, expect closer to 10k

I will post a lot more tomorrow, but now I am going home.

posted by  Zalight

For 5k, it will be hard to find a nice 3-series in good condition w/ under 100k. But keep looking around eventually something will turn up.

posted by  n00dle

It would be nice if you intro'd yourself.....Dont worry though...It doesn't warrent deletion, we aint that tough on n00bs here at CF lol. Anyways...if I were you, I'd go for a 320i as you're clearly a new driver and this model has a nice smooth 6cylinder engine and it wont kill you lol....I'd go for a 98' model if your buget lets you :thumbs:

btw...BMW's are bullet proof so dont let a high milegae put you off :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Right now i can't find much under $7000 or $8000. Is there any place that you, in the know, would recommend to look for BMWs more in the $5000 price range? If not what would you recommend for me? I'm looking for a car with good acceleration, looks, and of course it needs to go fast. The only other car that i have considered is a Porsche 944. Any help, of course would be highly appreciated. Also about the '98 320i, i doubt it would fit into my meager price range.

Sorry for not introducing myself. My name's mike and yes i am a new driver since April 27th, 2005. I've been driving my parents 2003 Expedition (ugh). Now that school's started i need my own car and don't want to be like all the other typical highschoolers driving their riced-out Honda Civics. I hope to be able to get a BMW with the money i've saved over the summer from working. What about getting one in the 100,000+ mile range? What is the typical life of a BMW?


posted by  mdolsen

Id get a 318ti. Those should be pretty cheap (like $8k) because they dont seem to be all that popular. :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

Thanks, i'll have to look into that. Any other answers to my previous post?

posted by  mdolsen

This is the best I've come up with yet... ar_year=1994&search_type=both&make=BMW&distance=50&model=325I&address=30281 &certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1126669755583&min_price=&first_record =101&end_year=2006&start_year=1981&isp=y&pager.offset=100&lang=en&cardist=2 8 ar_year=1996&search_type=both&make=BMW&distance=50&model=318IS&address=3028 1&certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1126669888540&min_price=&end_year=20 06&start_year=1981&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=28 ar_year=1994&search_type=both&make=BMW&distance=50&model=318IS&address=3028 1&certified=&advanced=&max_price=&bkms=1126669888540&min_price=&end_year=20 06&start_year=1981&isp=y&lang=en&cardist=10 ar_year=1992&model=325IS&bkms=1126669888540&lang=en&isp=y&start_year=1981&c ertified=&search_type=both&distance=50&make=BMW&min_price=&address=30281&ad vanced=&end_year=2006&max_price=&cardist=27

posted by  thunderbird1100

Id take the 1992 (low miles) iS, or the 1994 iS (cheapest). :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

I'd take the last 325. The 318 is just too little power for any enjoyment. Looking at the specs compared to the 325 (140hp vs. 190hp) and the 325 adds only 150lbs of weight. The 325 is just a better choice. My 1990 Accord would give the 318 a run for its money, and that's never good.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I was simply going by the fact that those where the cheapest/ lowest milliage. Also, there coupes (which look cooler IMO). :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

I'd go with the first car on there, ther black 325...because of the engine, and it looks like a car that you don't want to mess with :smoke:

posted by  chris_knows

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