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Hey guys-
I was watching Top Gear the other day on the Discovery CHannel. I dont know if you saw it but they did a skit on an older VW. I cant remember what it was, but it looked like a beast to drive, and I was wondering how and how much it will cost me to get my hands on one. If you have any ideas, help me out.

posted by  Masuk

Yeah, I didn't see that episode, but if it was on top gear, it would probably be a corrado or scicoro (or however its spelled).

Corrados are badass. Can someone say supercharged?

posted by  Zalight

Some Corrados were Supercharged they were known as the G60 I think.....I also seem to remember that they weren't as quick as the VR6 because VW only used the 1.8litre GTI engine in them :thumbs:

As for the initial question....I dont remember personally :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

my friend has a '90 Corrado G60.... i can definitely say "fukkenbroken" b/c that's what we all call it. it's spent more time off the road than on... :banghead:

posted by  dodger65

I did some reasearch on the Corrado, from what Ive read and all I am pretty interested in something like this. The obviuos problem...CASH. Are they all really going for 8-10 grand? Any other cars maybe fit this discription of the Carrodo? Thanks for the help.

posted by  Masuk

my friend got his for 4000 7 years ago, and that was w/ new paint and it SEEMED perfect at the time... ran great for a month or two...

posted by  dodger65

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