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I am looking into buying a 98 XJR from my local dealer that i have become friendly with. it has 75,000 miles and is in immaculate condition. Previous owner was a banker, they bought the car from his widdow after his death. the car has a clean bill of health and they have all service records.

My only question is am I buying a grenade with the pin half out? What is the reliability of stock supercharged engines, especially from jag? if i can kick her through 150K miles, i'll gladly throw a new engine in after that but i want to be at least reasonably sure that a supercharged engine can even make it that far.

thanks all.

posted by  The Conqueror

jaguars have hellsa nice certified pre-owned carz, but if it's new who knows? maybe u could just buy it to make the nice dealership happy, u said they're very friendly, maybe they will send u an apple pie. (sorry, usually the guys on this site are really helpful just not me).

posted by  Slapshot

the newer ones like that are quite reliable. I know owners with a couple hundred thousand miles on them. They had already been on the market a couple years, and the few bugs the earlier XJR's had were worked out. Ford did a good job of fixing Jag's earlier quality issues.

posted by  ChrisV

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