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I was debating where to post this and finally decided to post it here. I'm very interested in old cars - particular old 'mob' cars. The old cars back from the 30's and later models. But I don't see myself driving it every single day, so I'd rather get a car which is more reliable.

So I was looking at older generations of Benzos and BMW's. My family is a BMW family but when it comes to older generations, I like the Benz look more than the BMW. A relative of mine has a Turbodiesel Benz and I like the styling very much. If I get a Benz from the early 90's, is it still a reliable car? I haven't done any research on this and I figured I'd make a post anyway. How is the mpg on these older Benz's and BMW's?

I plan on getting a sporty import car but I also wanted to look at these older cars - whether I get one or not.


I love classic cars like that.

http://member.ctinets.com/~t-kanda/G%20hong%20kong/imgae45/Old%20Benz-450x. JPG

I'll edit this post later I gotta go.

posted by  seoulcityskin

German cars in general, are reliable cars...I wouldn't recommend a diesel though, as even the Turbo's tend to be noisy and unrefined. If I was you, I'd go for an late eighties 3-Series or 5-Series :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

I'm a big BMW fan, only because my family is a BMW family...but when it comes to early years, I do not like the BMW style. I like the model previous to this new one that came out. I don't like the old grill of the BMW but the Benz looks great.

The turbodiesel and diesel is just loud? If it's only loud, I don't mind...but if there are any other problems, let me know.

posted by  seoulcityskin

Loud and generally unrefined....A petrol model would be your best bet for an older Beemer :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Id suggest (if there wasnt a price limit) a MB 300 SL Gullwing.

posted by  StiMan

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