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As cars and car industry take strides into future, many things that in past never were in the option for considering while designing car, today has prime position in car making. One of those things is safety. There are two groups of safety: active and passive. Both are very important, both are working to help avoid or limit damage from unexpected situations on road. European manufacturers today put most of their attention to the safety of the passengers, lately not just front, but back also. Active safety made enormous steps forward last 10 years. Such systems controlling the car were developed, that car today is safer than ever before, no matter the size or class. Unfortunately, you cannot say that for the American manufacturers. Example is Dodge’s Viper. If you compare safety of Mercedes Benz’s top performance models or BMW’s top performance models with Dodge’s, you get very unsatisfying result for the Yankee. That is giving us place to discuss the differences, advantages of one over another or just discuss sole systems like ESP, ABS, etc. From my sources, I have unofficially and without testing the systems, just heard that today’s safest car on the road is new Mercedes – Benz’s S – class. I heard that new system has advanced “preparing” for dangerous situations. Not to spend your place to write, I leave you open, unfinished subject, to discuss. This subject is tribute to those, whose lives could be saved with new systems, but they had no luck to have them. Never mind how long you travel, but to get there unharmed.

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

Take a look at these pictures, and think about them for a while.


Visit to see more...

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

Per request I will show a Boxter with a person in a body bag under a semi still there

posted by  99integra

That kind of pictures are always good to see, because they teach us not to rage around the road, but I do not think that it would be appropriate to put them so kids can see them. I was not underestimating consequences of reckless driving, but I started subject concerning safety in European cars. If you know anything about cars, you already know that leaders in safety are European engineers. On my faculty, every year we have symposium and many tribunes on the subject: “Safety in car industry” as a part of week that carries the same name. Of course, I do not say that American car industry does not give any attention to safety, but it has not developed tradition of doing so. In addition, I have calculatedly put this subject in “European imports”, so we can stick to the subject and in the boundaries of European makes. Those pictures were random, I see that they have confused you because there are pictures of American cars, and I apologize if I produced misunderstanding, but those pictures were just an example of careless driving. There is no reason why I have not put any other car. However, to be sincere, there are not so many pictures of European cars, as you can find American examples. Not only because of make, but because in Europe police controls traffic more strictly and people more or less have learned to obey the laws of road, and to act responsibly, while in America, your police still looks somehow undisciplined and unorganized. American drivers must develop some level of discipline behind the wheel, if they want to be safe one from another. Whole Europe is under the cameras, and under coverage of police, so there is less chance that people carry themselves while they drive. I am sorry 99integra man, but little you know about indirect factors that influence on number of traffic accidents, so you can learn little more about them. On one of the threads, I have seen sentence that tells abut how good is to power slide, because it is not the fastest way but because it is more fun – or something like that… Well, as long as people do not develop opinion about careless driving, there is no chance that you can have safer streets. I wish you all the best 99integra. I Hope that I have moved any reader’s conscience about safe driving (not for reader’s sake, but for the sake of other people that has nothing to do with else’s maniacal driving).

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

Yeah, in America, we ahve a little thing called freedom. A police state is NOT what we want. IN fact, teh country was founded originally to get away from teh kind of lack of freedom often found in Europe of the day, and apparenlty still exists. You don't need "papers" checked at little checkpoints all over to make sure you're who you say you are, amongst other things. Our police are supposed to be going after serious criminals, not treating every citizen as a potential criminal.

Yes, traffic cameras have been set up in many places. But a lot of cities and states have ruled them illegal, as an invasion of privacy, to much like "Big Brother" and for things like the inability to face your accuser.

OTOH, your cries about "safety" are mistaken, as well. You do realize that a lot of European and Japanese cars couldn't be sold her (and still can't) because they dont' meet OUR safety standards, for door intrusion, bumper crahs results, glass safety, interior trim and protection against injury from internal surfaces...

But then again, cars like the Viper are supposed to be slightly "dangerous." they meet teh US crash standards, but the responsibility to drive safely lies in YOU, the driver. A lot of people hate having nannys controlling their every move.

Now the Europeans have decided that since pedestrians are too stupid to not watch where they are walking, cars have to be designed to protect them.

Why nnot just put everyone into great big air filled bubbles that can only go 10-15 kph? It'd be "safe" and no one would get hurt, since that's obviously more important.

posted by  ChrisV

I think that if someone wants to compromise their safety to drive a high-performance car, they should be able to. I know I would, and if someone tried to tell me I couldn't drive a car because it might not protect well enough in a crash at w/e speed, I'd would fight them till my car collapsed on top on me. I think that most of the restrictions on cars today are ridiculous, butif someone doesn't and likes them and wants to pay more for them, they can go ahead.

posted by  jedimario

Here Here Chris. This guy annoyed me so much I couldn't even put together a decent reply. Glad you could though. :thumbs:


posted by  theman352001

READ BEFORE YOU AGAIN START INSULTING ME. Everyone has his opinion and I have mine. I do not expect you to see things same as I do, but most of people reading and writing on this forum, have absolutely no touch with car, or are just 16 years old. When you reach certain age, you begin to think about consequences. Other, much worse way is to experience consequences, which will change your opinion a lot earlier, giving you time to think about it in jail. I will tell you short story to clear you out my point of view. I have driven many cars in my short life, not that all of them were mine, but I had my time with them. I also had single female friend. I never look on a girlfriend or a woman as a friend or someone you can love. I spend my time with women because they have something I need. Beside that, all conversation I have with them means nothing to me, but that one person was very special, I had no attraction to her and she was just my friend. We discussed books, movies, had mutual subjects and she shared secrets with me. She truly was a fine person with all the manners of sophisticated girl. During that time, I had no driving license, but that have not stopped me from driving. My father gave me the car whenever I told him that there is need to do so. I was doing many “stunts” with my car, fortunately no one got hurt. Power slides, 360, burnouts,180 then continued rear driving and speed limits I could not even see in that speed. Than it was some state holiday, so everyone was eager to go in the nature. It was never my style to lie on the ground with insects and small animals, so I suggested to my girl friend that she could stay in town for a banquet at my friend’s house, on which she agreed. Other day, my friend started preparing banquet, and we all arrived. I called that girl to see if she is coming to banquet or not. One of her classmates took her on a ride to the place where everyone who went out from town, was. That was her last ride. He was driving recklessly, he hit a car and that was her last ride. I do not blame him, because it was not something he planned, but it left a mark on my life. Nothing is same for me after that. I could not even go more than 100 km/h, something inside me was taking me back to the situation when I lost my dear friend, whenever I was over the speed of 90-100 km/h. This year, was the first time I drove 150 km/h after that. I recommend to any driver that he must be 100% concentrated on a ride. Before unfortunate loss, I was too in situation to produce accident, but I avoided it for 3-4 millimeters. I disobeyed rule of “right hand”, and went before other driver, but he was idiot like me, so he started going too, I missed him with a power slide, but I went off the road. I hit something, my car stopped and no one got hurt. That was luck. I do not want to count on luck anymore. I decided to be responsible, before people around me get hurt. Further, I suggest that we stick to the subject: “Safety in European cars”, not some no-use fight about America and Europe. I like Europe, it is “cradle of the culture”, and I do not want to leave it for no reason. Maybe you Americans have your own reasons why you do not want to leave America. I respect that. I do not answer provocations, but this was exception. I will not answer provocations any more. However, I encourage you to put your opinion about the subject and discuss. Please hold this thread on the level as “safety” deserves.

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

Indeed, safety is the one thing that is most neglected component of traveling nowadays. Everyone fancies a sports car with different upgrades and modifications that would boost a car's performance inside and out. Who wouldn't? But in my case, being a family man, I won't sacrifice safety when it comes to my ride. I want to get to my destination not only quick but most importantly safe. For me, the safest ride there is, despite the existence and prevalence of road accidents would be Volvo. I'm satisfied with Volvo's commitment to safety of passengers and pedestrians alike. They even gave me an idea of polishing my beat up Volvo 940 through the net. Now I won't need to go from shop to shop to look for my trusty car parts and accessories. See how comfortable it is? Safety and comfortability all in one. Just try to check this link and tell me what else could we ask for from Volvo. :thumbs:

posted by  jhall

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