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A new project is under way at Ferrari HQ in Italy. The ferrari organization is producing the Ferrari FXX, a car built on Enzo's body but with more horsepower, larger engine and a much larger top speed.

posted by  jasjitdhillon09

ya, 2 bad it's not street legal... only 20 are being sold to the public, by the public i mean all the bilionairs out there who have previous ferrari racing expierence. not every billionare need apply. thats what it said on their big poster thaing at a car show i went to. the guy who buys it has full backing from the ferrari racing team, thats pretty cool.

posted by  Slapshot

I'd sell my soul for one of those...800 horsepower!! :drool: :drool:

Too bad it's like $3,000,000 Canadian or so :banghead: :ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

^^^agreed on the selling the soul comment but one can only wish what it would be like to OWN one of those beautiful machines :smoke:

posted by  mx3_monster

I heard that the buyers will have a full year's subscription to the Ferrari team which means using all their international tracks.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

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