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This car just topped 400km/h!

Click on News and go to may 2005 on this website,

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posted by  jasjitdhillon09

There was a discussion about this, it's governed at 253 mph, 405 kilometers...
Pretty crazy stuff :screwy:

posted by  chris_knows

glad SOMEBODY was paying attention

posted by  jedimario

253 mph, how can it be driven past 200, wouldnt the car lose control?

posted by  Spencer

It's a 3500 pound car, not very easy to make it slide, and it's probably got tunelling under the body for extra downforce...

posted by  chris_knows

i am not sure about this but wouldn't a hevier car be easier to control at higher speeds? Like i don't mean an 18 wheeler but like it's hevier means more force on the tires and they would have more grip with the road. Wouldn't it take more force to move a hevier car than a light car? I am not sure about this so don't start flaming me

posted by  V-Tec

But since its a 3500lb car going 200+ wouldnt the momentum really cause steering problems with during even the slightest turns?

posted by  Spencer

Apparently not... :screwy:

posted by  chris_knows

well i am sure with turns it would but when they do top speed test i am sure they either take it out on a long and straight strech of road or maybe some hard and flat land it the desert

posted by  V-Tec

It's a 4300lb car.

posted by  Bino

Oh...IDK because I saw that it weighed 1500 kilograms... :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

Well, a Ford Taurus will lose control at well below 150mph. But, if you design the vehicle to be driven at 250+ mph, then you can make it stable at those speeds. You are correct that there's no such thing as a sharp corner at 200+ mph.

posted by  Bino

According to the article in Autoweek it weighs 4300lb.

posted by  Bino

Yeah, that's probably the proper weight, because mine's from the internet...that's a big car...but you know what they say about guys who buy big stuff...I'll stick with my moped, thanks :laughing: :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

for over a mill it better be a good car

posted by  iceman7311

MAN thats crazy !! :clap: :tard:

posted by  G-unot

cant wait till im rich and i can buy all these cars i could only dream of.

posted by  bebopin64
Thats a video on some of the older Buggati cars, and of course, the new Veyron. Watch it make its first public appearance.

posted by  6000LE

Remember, it is also low to the ground, so it would less air resistence, not to mention the design in consideration. :laughing:

posted by  xlrated

I'm still suprised at how high of a drag coefficient it has. (.39), I believe, which is pretty high for a supercar designed for top speed.

posted by  Godlaus

The design of the car has a lot of influence. If you take a look at the car closley, it is very low to the ground, causing less air resistence. The fact that it is a heavy car, does not have to do with a loss of momentum on the road. You can also notice the sleek lines of the car from anyt angle too. Less air resistence means less friction, which means better handling. The air goes through the grill pushing down on the car making it more stable. It could either be for a heavy or even a light car going 200+. I haven't exactly drove this car, but it looks like a very stable and very fast car if you ask me. take a look at the exotic cars; the Mclaren F1, the fastest car on record, is a very light car. In fact, the 90% part of it is a composite carbon fiber, a very light material. When going at very high speeds, the grill design sucks the air in creating a sort of "gravity" pulling the car down. If the car is scaled to be bigger and heavier, with the right proportions, then it would do fine. It would not matter for the bugatti veyron, as well, if the design is accurate and functional then it is cosmetic, the car would not lose momentum. I have not driven the car, but it seems to me that it is a nice looking car and is very stable. :thumbs:

posted by  xlrated

It's actually got a rather high drag coefficient, so it doesnt' have "less air resistance." And less air resistence does NOT mean better handling.

Being a heavy car, it takes more effort to change direction (laws of inertia and all), so teh AWD and large tires, as well as stiff suspension is what allows it to handle decently (but not perfectly).

posted by  ChrisV

Before you school me, the car has 16 cylinders, it has a way better capacity to handle all the weight around than a Ford Pinto. And yes, less air resistance DOES mean better handlling since the design is not just by the front to back, but to the sides as well when it comes to fricion. Older cars do not have that , therefore more high drag coefficient, that I agree. But you must open your eyes and take a look at the future. Although it make produce some drag, it will be very little to notice. :orglaugh:

posted by  xlrated

16 cylinders has absolutely SQUAT to do with how it handles it's weight for handling purposes.

Then tell me, bright boy, why do the cars that have the MOST grip in the WORLD and the highest cornering speeds, have the WORST aerodynamics and the most drag? (I'm talking about, of course, Formula cars and the like). I've been building cars for decades, including road race cars designed specifically for handling, and NEVER has less air resistance done ANYTHING for handling.

Open my eyes? I think you need to get out of books and actually start WORKING on cars before you make any more statements.

Low aerodynamic drag makes for high top speeds, but it does not help in cornering at all. Higher MASS has more inertia, so requires more power to get it moving, and more force to change directions. So while the "16 cylinders" may help generate enough power to accellerate it and get a good top speed, it does ZERO to help it corner or handle. And all the mass works against it and makes it harder to change direction.

posted by  ChrisV

I never said it the engine size has anything to do with it.

posted by  xlrated

then explain what this sentence means, in regards to our conversation about handling:

"Before you school me, the car has 16 cylinders, it has a way better capacity to handle all the weight around than a Ford Pinto."

posted by  ChrisV

Don't you just love hypocrites, lol.

posted by  Pythias

The thing just pop out of my mind just before this. Hope u all agree with me.

Is there any crazy people recreate CUSTOM BUGATTI VEYRON?. I mean real VEYRON but include all the Gadget, System & even Tune-Up a bit for the Engine.

Just for Show Off. Beyron still go fast without any touch.

Anyone agree & anyone want to see? Lets us find together.... I hope.

posted by  alongeasy

You'd have to be insane to spend that much on a Veyron only to want more power still...

posted by  Cliffy

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