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well, a close friend of mine is already looking around to buy his first car. so far, hes between a turbo II (fc3s), a supra just like mine, or a porsche 944 Turbo.

he doesnt like rotaries much (hes not gonna listen to anyone complaining so save the comments), buying a supra would pretty much just get everyone to call him a copycat (even though i dont mind), and the porsche is an excellent choice but i want him to have all the necessary info on it.

i have looked around quite a bit and i have seen them perform. i also know about the different sport packages, engines, etc. wat i would like to know is, how are ppl's experience with the car and comments on it? easy to maintain? comfortable? costly? etc.....

posted by  Inygknok

I own a 944. They are tons and tons of fun. not the fastest cars around, but fast enough. And their handling....that's the best part about them. Price wise for maintaining them, most things are not really all that bad. Water pumps are kind of outrageous, but most things are okay. As far as the room in it goes, the front seats have great room, but the back seats are useless except for like a...briefcase or something. I just keep them folded down to make the hatch area bigger. Also tell him to check the seal around the hatch for leaks, I have not had any problems but people say that they were known for it and it can be expensive from what I hear. www.944online.com is where I get most of my parts. shipping charges kind of suck. They are not that hard to work on yourself, changing the timing belt of course requires a special tool that most home mechanics will not have, and most ordinary shops will not work on them, so import specialists become handy. I guess that about covers it, if there's anything else just ask me. Oh and he should only buy it if it's a manual because the autos only came with 3 speeds I believe.

posted by  chris945

I've always liked that car too, and have considered getting one myself :thumbs:

The higher-end ones look great when they are in good shape, but the older shitty ones just look terrible.

posted by  Mathew

he wouldnt buy an auto even if his life depended on it.....

well, ive been trying to get him a site specifically (or as close to) for the 944 with at least a few performance parts. he was considering maybe changing the camshaft (though i told him to try to keep it) and most surely the valves, valve springs, and retainers (and whatever else necessary depending on the head design).

other than that. well obviously a good strong clutch kit, a nice suspension, and i dont know if he wants a minor body kit....

posted by  Inygknok

Check at Pelican Parts for repair and aftermarket parts. Also, Performance Products and Automotion. pelican Parts has a forum for 944 owners....

The 944 Turbo (aka 951) is very fast. A decent example will run a bit more money to start with, but it's rather cheap to make it one of the fastest street Porsches on the planet.

But, for a "first car" I'd suggest starting with an N/A 944 or 944S. fast enough, and extremely balanced.

Try and find an '85.5 or newer, as they changed the interior from the earlier 924 setup, giving more room and better ergonomics. They can still be had for cheap, but make sure they they have good maintenance records.

posted by  ChrisV

u know, theres actually a guy that lives just outside the small (literally small, just 3 streets) neighborhood that my friend lives at with a 944. u can notice its one of the earlier models, but it looks a bit too worn out on the outside. ill try to get pics of it and post them here.

posted by  Inygknok

Tell him to go 944. Screw the Supra (no offense :mrgreen: ). If hes going to get one I would suggest a 944S, because the turbo ones are getting kind of hard to get for a reasonable price (around here anyway).

posted by  SlipKnoT

they were selling a turbo model a week ago for $2,000 or so. he has the classifieds we saw it in, ill ask him later today.

i told him not to get the supra cuz it would be too expensive (for his budget) to do wat he wanted.....

if the whole 944 thing doesnt work out (which i would actually like it to), then he is just going to make due with an FC.

posted by  Inygknok

well, FC's are good times. So Its not like hes "settling" on a beater.

posted by  Zalight

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