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Well, as I see, many people here are personally oriented on certain make or certain region from where their favorite cars come. Well in here, you have place to explain why you think positive about European cars or why you feel other way. No matter why, but just put your reasons. Is it because they are hot, or dislike because they are not… Is it because they are excellently engineered, or you think they are junk?

Personally, I like them most. I would never drive any car from any other part of the world (with exceptions: Ford Focus WRC, Mustang, Viper, Corvette and growing list of other American cars…). I am allergic on the Japanese cars. I would never drive one. I hate Mazda most of all, Toyota is next on the black list. I dislike American cars because they have big engine displacement and fuel economy is not their brighter side. There are also great cars from Ford that are undeniably good. For example Focus, Mondeo, and legendary Mustang. Viper and Corvette both are unbeatable with design and performances. Nevertheless, when it comes to choosing, I always choose EU cars.
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posted by  ngluvakov(euro)


Fuel economy not the brighter side of American cars? Let me know if you can find a stock 400 hp non-hybrid V8 that can do 29 mpg on the highway anywhere else. And quite the contrary, aside from the gargantuan SUVs American cars are doing just fine on the fuel economy front. Big displacement? WTF does that have to do with anything? As ChrisV has already pointed out elsewhere, when you consider the actual size of the entire engine, as compared to a 6.0 L from a GTO and a 4.0 L from a BMW...there is not much difference in actual size.

I like all cars. I don't give a shit where they came from.

posted by  hondaman

Are we talking exotics here, or just regular cars, because a good bit of Asian cars have lots of modding potential (which comes with ricing potential :banghead:), but most European cars look pretty good, and some U.S. cars have more stock horsepower...each region has pros and cons.

You're allergic to Japanese cars? Have you met Oomba? :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

I don't understand how you gripe about American cars' "large displacement," but some of the only American cars you like are the 6.0 liter Corvette and 8.3 liter Viper. And anyway, most American cars, not SUV's, have mid-sized engines that get average to decent fuel mileage.

posted by  moostang104314

I like pretty much all the high end to exotic european cars. I know prob jsut like everyone else. But they are stylish, fast, and very very safe compared to domestics.

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Dislike: All U.K. brands, VW and most of all - Merecedes Benz.

Impartial: Audi and Ferrari.

Love: BMW and Porsche.

Euro cars still fall 2nd overall in my opinion to Japanese cars though.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well, there is no particular reason from the engineering side, but there is one that is stronger than me. I hate person I knew that once drove Mazda. From the time when I became unfriendly with that person, I can’t fight the feeling that I hate Mazda. Above that there is difference in thinking when it comes to designing the structure. I hate Wankel engines, I am not fund of their wide use of plastics all around engine and in unexpected places. It has not shown bad, but it has shown expensive to repair if it comes to malfunction. I don’t know, I just dislike that way of thinking. Don’t get me wrong, that is just my opinion. 768/exterior_1.jpg

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

I don't care where the car came from, but I generally like cars from Europe more than ones from other place. Except France, Peugots and other French cars are ugly.

posted by  jedimario

Shows a small mind. I have no respect for someone with that sort of ignorance and closed mindedness. It shows you aren't smart enough to think past retarded reasoning with zero basis in fact.

"I think that you generalize things you hear and see on TV and make opinion about Europeans. That is wrong."

Pot, kettle, black. You want me to respect your opinion, you better be able to show you have more than two brain cells to rub together, and hatred of a car brand because of someone you knew who DROVE one shows a retarded brain, not an intelligent one. Especially when you prove you are unable to overcome that idiocy regardless of level of effort. You want intelligence in your threads? That's what you asked me in PM. I don't think you're CAPABLE of it.

Sorry, but the Wankel engine is a EUROPEAN invention. Used in NSUs, and even in some Mercedes prototypes.

Maybe you haven't looked into the engine compartment of European cars, lately, and the use of plastics THERE. If you're going to use idiotic reasoning to hate on one kind of car, at least showe you're brain is capable of applying thart same reasoning across the board, or you come off looking like a hypocrite.

oh, I'm not getting you wrong. I know it's your opinion. You've BASED that opinion of completely retarded reasons, a near total lack of knowledge, and the apparent desire to see if you can be even more closed minded than some others on the web. I dislike THAT way of thinking.

Oh, and that's MY opinion. If you have the right to state yours, then so do *I.*

Did you find that insulting?

Good. :banghead:

posted by  ChrisV

I definatley agree with Chris here. You cant say you dislike mazda for such dumb reasons like "They use plastics all around in the engine bays" because it seems no matter what car you are in nowadays (euro asian or U.S.) they all have an excessive use of plastics in the engine bay. It's very rare do you find non-plastic intakes and engine covers these days. Now a better reason for plastics might of been the QUALITY of plastics used in say euro cars on the interior than domestic cars. I can agree with that. I think sometimes a lot of GM cars have extremely cheap looking black plastics everywhere on the dash. I dislike Mazda too for the most part, but for more valid reasons like, they have a tendancy to keep OVERRATING their engines (See 1st generation Miata, and the new 3rd generation Miata, also see the RX-8) and they seem to puppets of Ford now which doesn't excite me at all.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I bet you if he had a girlfriend who loves Mazda he'll be whistling a different tune.

posted by  fudge

Pagini Is Exotic, So Yes!

posted by  jasjitdhillon09

I guess it's personal preference, but the Renault Clio, and Peugeot 206 are both very sexy cars, with lots of performance potential :drool:

posted by  chris_knows

I agree...although if I had to have a French car it wouldn't be a Citroen lol....I knoe Peugeot/Citroen are the same company, but Pug's have always seemed tha better option...maybe it's because of Citroens tendencies to use that stupid hydro pneumatic (I think that's what it's called?) suspension wich seemed to operate the brakes too lol....And I just KNOW that ChrisV aint gonna like that :2cents: :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Chris, I have limited myself in the start. I have said that I have no particular reason. I don't think that you prove yourself smarter than me just by insulting me. My reasons for "not loving Mazda" is strong enough believe me. Tell me your reasons, why do you keep insulting people in forum? What is your expertise? What gives you the right to act the way you do? Do you people really think that mech. eng. to be doesn't know where has Wankel came from and who bought patent? Don't prove yourself on other people's mistakes, prove yourself on your good moves. I think that if I say: "I don't like Mazda", than I do not necessarily need strong reasons. I just don't like it. I have no hard feelings toward your recent posts, I know that people like you must live. I have developed certain level of tolerance toward people like you. Don't speak to me, don't read my posts. I have clearly pointed out (using words) things I meant. Or just be a human and let's settle things peacefuly. I am not into your way of speaking. This is my last respond to your provocation. I have no more time to waste on unfriendly talks.

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

Personally, European cars are my favorites. Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari are my top three. They just have such good quality to them that other car manufactuers dont have. But I also like American cars as well. Ford is probably the only American car manufactuer that even comes close to making cars up to parr with the Europeans.

As for Japanese cars, I like them as well. Theres nothing wrong with Mazda, or Toyota. Those (IMO) are the best Japanese car companies around. The only cars I dont like are Korean cars. Theyre just shitty. Hyundais and Kias = Pure shit.

posted by  SlipKnoT

Don't tell that to the guys around here that are autocrossing Accents and having a blast with their inexpensive, reliable cars. I even liked the '02 Accent we had. I think the current Tiburon is also a decent vehicle.

I also know a lot of people that have a ton of fun in modded Kias (you know, the ones sold as Ford Festiva's).

Why is it that people can't simply say, "These cars are my favorites, and these aren't" and leave it at that. Why do they have to move on to "these cars are pure shit." Is it THAT important to prove how little you know by being an insulting dick about it? It MAY be your opinion , but it is NOT factual or even very intelligent.

posted by  ChrisV

I don't HAVE to prove I'm smarter than you, only that you aren't being smart.

And that proves why you're not smart. The reasons you use are arbitrary and based on stupid reasoning. It shows a lack of ability to learn or use logic, and a willingness and desire to be closed minded. Why is that a valuable goal for you?

Because I respond to insults with insautls Why do you feel the need to come on to an international public forum and in front of the world put down cars that aren't your favorite? If you can state any opinion YOU want, then so can I IN RETURN. You seem to forget, *I* didn't START this. YOU did, by being an insulting idiot.

27 years of owning cars from all over the world. I've owned over a hundred cars myself, and worked on hundreds more in my shop. And even though magazines dont' give experience in and of themselves, I've been reading dozens of titles from around teh world for the last 35+ years, and had a collection that stretched back to the 1950s. I've driven hundreds of different kinds of cars on the street and on the track.

And I have NEVER liked or disliked a car by brands/model/type/age/genre, or based on who ELSE likes/dislikes/owns it. If it has wheels and an engine, I can enjoy and have fun with it.

I ask the question back? What gives YOU the right to insult cars just because they aren't your favorite? And if YOU have the right to do that, then *I* have the right to insult you IN RETURN. What part of that is to hard for your small brain to understand?

So you hate Japanese cars for thier engineering, and use and example of a GERMAN ENGINEERED ENGINE to prove it. And you can't figure out how that's retarded?

Hypocrite. YOU can't even do that with CARS. You even SAID you hate a brand of cars based on WHO OWS ONE! That isn't a feature or fact of THAT CAR. And you state you are UNABLE to get over that fact. That is NOT a measure of intelligence. Remember, I don't have to prove I'm smarter than you, only that you are not smart.

The moment you decided that holding tightly to an opinion based on a mistaken assumption was more important than learning and grwoing and becomeing more open minded, was the moment you lost the right to complain about any response to you.

No, you don't. Just like you can say you don't like the taste of onions. Nothing wrong in that at all. But when you DO use reasons, they better be intelligent reasons. Unfortunately for you, you can't DO that. If you want your opinions to be respected, they better be respectable opinions.

Hey asshat, YOU STARTED the "unfriendly talks" by being an insulting prick to begin with. Blame it all on me if it makes you sleep better at night, but YOU'RE the one going around the world insulting that which isn't your favorite. How you expect that will be met with "gee, isn't that nice" proves how f*cking stupid you are. Yeah, don't respond. Go home and be a closed minded little POS on your own time.

posted by  ChrisV

Remember this, I stayed out of this until you went and cleared up this line:

By making this statement:

No matter which way you slice it, THIS IS RETARDED! Nothing about the engineering or design of Mazdas is a problem, but ONLY that a person you hate drove one. How f*cking childish is THAT???? And then you go on that "it's stronger then you." Which proves that you are mentally incompetent.

Yes, this conversation is unfriendly. That's because you're a F*CKING moron and an IGNORANT ASSHAT. A person so unable to control their emotions that they hate a car brand because they hate a person who drove one!!!

You my friend, are a POS. Not worth being even SLIGHTLY friendly towards.

Oh, and guess what? This is the best part... in order for you to be consistent and prove that your reasoning is valid....

I've driven and owned examples from about every brand on the planet. So now, becaue you will hate me (and I will make sure you hate me), you have to hate every car brand available!!!!


Oh, that's choice! :fu:

posted by  ChrisV

I believe you are right, O.K. You try to make me say things I do not want to talk about, that are personal. If I say that, I hate person and everything about it, than in it is more than private. One of those problems does not concern you, and even more, you would not want them to. After all, we are just humans. We have feelings. Let me put it in this way… Let us say that you have rock music and pop music choice on another side. You do not have to love Britney Spears even if her trace in pop music is undeniable. You choose rock because it is your style. No one asks you why. People accept your choice. You never ask person “Why don’t you like Britney and like some other singer?” and when you get some answer like “I simply don’t like her hair.”, you do not react in maniacal fashion. You just accept that person’s personal point of view. However, maybe that I am just wrong all the time when I write something. Maybe you are right. Man with your expertise should not waste any more time, but rush to buy a magazine and read it while you do your hairdo. I think that you have just jumped of Nürburgring. You can still feel the wind in your hair. Oh, yeah it is the adrenaline that makes you fiery. You jump from one car to another. Countless websites prove that. I am sorry for even existing on the same forum with such an experienced driver and mechanic. I do not expect you to forgive me, but I hope that god sees my pain and that he will let me undo terrible mistake made by me, when I insulted such great “all in one” man.

This has nothing to do with past text.
We have saying for certain group of people here: “Dog that barks, don’t bite.”

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

My opinion, I like Japanese cars. I am also starting to like VW but a big part of that is because of my bf I am sure. He is obsessed with the things. Owns a gti golf Mark 2, 3 and is hoping for 4. Crazy thing is that I never like the things before I got into his car. I do admit that there are some bad things about the vehicle but they are pretty nice. I do really like the Japanese cars though, thinking I might be buying one here to get me to where I need to go. I mean, just look at them. Take the Fairlady Z or the Infiniti, gorgeous and a lot of potential. Here is an Infiniti that I am looking at right now. . Or how about this Fairlady Z. .
The 1990 Nissan Infinit Q45 has Hydraulic Active Suspension, 106,000km, an automatic, 32V, V8 and 280HP. The 1989 Nissan Fairlady Z has 120,000km, automatic, Twin Turbo, T-bar roof, 24V, V6, 3.0L and 280HP. Now that is nice.

posted by  suckaformuscle

MADRE DE DIOS!!! I respect Japs, but I have no feelings toward their engineering as I told before, but some things can't be denied. I must accept that they also make good cars. In my heart stays OPEL forever because it's something you aren't just driving, it's also something you love...

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

i love each and every one of my european cars...wasn't they're fault that they left me, more my irresponable ignorant dumb ass. gas mileage...omg this jetta i own now get like amazing mileage. i travel to goto school 20-30 mins away. right now i've used 278.6 miles and am right at half a tank. i mean that's just an example of my love for my car. only thing that sucks is that man it sure costs a b*tch of some money to modify. but i've also only had to fill up not even 10 times and have put 5k on it. my bimmer was the same way, but i think the trucker than ran me off the road liked it more than me. then comes the jeep i owned. man that car could go anywhere, gas sucked, too many engine repairs, missed classes meaning loss of more money, and so on and so fourth. my volvo...boy i loved that car too. i drove from central arkansas, in little rock area, to salem, mo, which is just about central missouri and back one tank of gas. ya know the reason i love my car is because of great gas and less money fixing it and more money into modding it. jap cars....dont really like the riced out ones, too tacky looking with the body kits and big rims and flashy lights. but my mother's 96 camery...damn man that thing is over 200k in mileage AND still goin! oh plus i just dont like the looks of the good ole american vehicles. but all this is only an opinion. have a good one, later. :thumbs:

also forgot to add and just realized because my vw is going through it right now until friday. i HATE the electrical stuff in my car going out on me...its getting old. one day everything is fine the next day ur ac is set at 0 and its full blast and your lights wont come on. then you turn ur ac all the way up and ur lights come on and ur ac is off. then the next day its all back to normal. but once you think everything is fine and dandy again....wrong. now your window will roll down and once you let off that button, it wont go back up, no matter how cold it is outside lol. that's all. later again. :thumbs: :thumbs:

posted by  vwjn311

I like european cars, but it just seems like most of them don't give you the bang for the buck... way off the charts.

Yeah... I love Jeep too. my experience with them has been really good. (and one reason I am pumped for the commander).

posted by  ChromeDome

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