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Well guys after recently watching 2fast 2furious I really wanna make my BMW fast. Now I know it's at a disadvantage because it's not an Asian car ><. Also it isn't a cheap, baseline, economy car (ie. civic/integra, neon) so making it better will be really hard. Now I've drawed up some plans to what I want on it..........

As seen here

Basically if I put on a ///M decal on the front, I'll be boosted up to 260 hp and my Type R (wtf?) decal is bound to add atleast 90 hp. The big muffler tip will make my car fast ( because it's so loud) so add like 100 hp. The spolier (which on a RWD car may actually be useful, O_O) will add another 50 hp. I'm gonna slap on some 20" Giovanni rims and lower it by cutting the suspension springs.

So basically I'll have a 450 hp car, sound good?

posted by  n00dle

:laughing: Nice.

posted by  hondaman

These jokes do sure drag on :sleep:

posted by  fudge

0_0 YOU RICED A BEEMER DIE INFIDEL!!!!!! :laughing:

posted by  jedimario


posted by  SuperJew

Yeah, but this one in particular has a certain originality to it lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Alright, well keep us posted on how those mods go...make sure the stickers are perfectly straight, with no wrinkles, to reduce drag...also, how about a 351 metal sticker dealies, to scare away the ricers :laughing:

Actually, up until the M decal, I believed you, but burst out laughing when I saw the riced out Bimmer :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

I believed him untill I saw the picture and the bottom half of the post :banghead: :oops:

posted by  Cliffy

Well I almost forgot that I need some ground effects, those add 20 hp and make your car look like a ufo.

Also The big hood scope the is molded on with 20 lbs on bondo. Of course the hood has no opening in to so I'll make a air pocket that will propell my car, adding atleast 50 hp. And don't forget side scopes for my stock breaks, they need mad air cooling so they can stop my car from 100mph-0 in 20 feet.

posted by  n00dle

You sure do have a mean looking car there...Now, hows about some tyres for those rims :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Those rims are 22inches so the tires is only .2 mm thick

posted by  n00dle

so yeah, thats good times and all...But when are you really going to add a turbo :hi:

posted by  Zalight

Why go with a turbo when he can plant a few more type-R stickers and come up with the same amount of horsepower?

posted by  hondaman

Because turbos make that whistle.....

posted by  Zalight

First, of all, putting decal kits on your car does not make it fast, and a muffler tip does not make it fast either. Let me school you on some things before YOU teach me a lesson on car customization. If you did your research right, 2fst2furius had spent thousands of dollors jsut to make the car the way ti is. A muffler does not do anything but covers up the muffler pipe. It is strictly for cosmetic purposes. If you really want to cusomize your car, you will need plenty of cash and lots of patience. And if you want to achieve 450 hp (which is great!) you need to add an air intake, about 30 hp, a custom exhaust (it is very hard to find parts for a BMW) which will add 50 hp, new spark plugs, pulleys,advanced throttle. There is too many things to do before you can achieve that.

posted by  xlrated


Sorry you didnt get it, even after all the other posts i nthis thread...

But yeah, a CAI doesnt add 30hp nor does an exhaust add 50hp on a N/A car.

posted by  thunderbird1100

am i think he was joking 2...
(man i have been gone 4 a while, i just had 2 post something)
and if he wasent joking shame oh him, but he probably wasnt... i how bout them lakers?

posted by  Walt

He was obviously joking...I mean decals won't give you 450hp, but some fly dubs with pimpin' Wal-Mart spinners, and fake scoops will do the trick, along with a 3 foot wing would be great...That was also a joke

BTW XLRated, the cars in 2F2F, the cars were not much better than stock, and the hoods on some cars were melting after a certain magazine was done testing them, and the best thing to do for a horsepower gain is a turbocharger :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

How about the most boring World Series ever? Who cares about the Astros or White Sox other than half of Chicago and some of Houston?

posted by  thunderbird1100

I especially like how they call themselves WORLD champions... :doh:

posted by  windsonian

You guys I wasn't joking.

posted by  n00dle

How much is she packing now? Did you put in the fake scoops? How much is she in the quarter mile? I'm guessing like 8 seconds @ 267?

posted by  chris_knows

Ever notice how many nationalities are represented on most major league ball teams? Japan, Cuba, Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venuzuela, and Panama.

posted by  ChrisV

Maybe so, but it's still a North American league...

If I got a bunch of foreign ring-ins to play in the Australian Baseball League, would that make the winners world champs?

What about the English County Cricket competition? They've got lots of overseas players, but the winners are far from being world champions.

posted by  windsonian

Well any MLB team in the U.S./Canada would beat any country world team 95% of the time, so it's appropriate. But if you want to be politically correct and shit you can call them the "United States and Canadian MLB bi-country champs"

posted by  thunderbird1100

...would doesn't make did. And 95% isn't enough anyway. In my experience, in the big games, any team is capable of winning if they want it enough, so if it came down to the 7 game series for the title, 95% isn't enough to say "we would win, so don't bother playing, but we'll be world champs".

Why not just say that they're MLB champs? It's just that I don't know of (doesn't mean there isn't) another competition where a team is crowned world champs when it's a closed league.

posted by  windsonian

Because we're Americans and we own the world!!!!!


But really, it's just words, if you dont like it that way just dont pay attention to it. I'm pretty sure MLB won't change it because some people in other countries feel it isnt right.

Plus, MLB represents almost all major countries in the world with thier players. It's like the NFL... I dont tihnk any country world team could beat any NFL team.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I know it's just words ... and it doesn't bother me too much, but it just seems a little ... meh, not sure, arrogant maybe. And I'm not stupid enough to think they'd change it :laughing:

I've already covered the foreign players thing in a previous reply.
I'm not arguing that they wouldn't beat most teams (especially NFL, as it is "American Footbal", much like "Australian Rules Football"), but the fact remains that it is not a world competition, and is thus not a "World" series, therefore they are not "World" champs.

Just remember that being the best in the world doesn't make you a world champion. What if you beat a world boxing champ in an unsanctioned, or non-title fight? He would still be the world champ, eventhough you beat him.

Like I said, I'm not too concered about it, it is just words.

posted by  windsonian

another 2 fast 2 furious wannabe. :ohcrap:

posted by  gokartracer

HE WAS JOKING!!!! :banghead: :banghead:

posted by  windsonian here's what to do....


That car is sweet as it is, -**but you have to get a sticker of the kid pissing on the emblem of another vehicle-..that adds like 80HP...seriously...

I put one on my Lambo...NOW it's fast!!!

posted by  DiabloSV

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