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I just found a couple of amazing things out about my BMW. First when the turn signal is turned on there are lights on the side of the car that light up :mrgreen: . And with the speedo if you hold down the reset switch and then turn the starter to position #1 (radio on only) the milage and tripometer will go away and be replaced with a series of "tests" 1-15; if you hold down the reset button on # 15 until beside it, it displays "LvOff" you can use your speedo to digitally display a bunch of different things (like RPM, feul, speed in km/h ect.). I thought that was interesting.

posted by  n00dle

I understand all of the mileage stuff as tricks...but did you seriously just notice for the first time that the side view mirrors light up from the turning signal? :laughing: :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

I actually think he meant these: pg

Not sure if that's what his car looked like...but you only now just noticed that?

posted by  hondaman

Ahhh...nicely played :laughing:

Still though, pretty hard to miss if you own the car...

posted by  chris_knows

ya those lights I thought they were reflectors lol.

posted by  n00dle

heh...yeah, those are mandated by european law, i think. at least i've seen then on all european/japanese cars, and not american. :ohcrap:

posted by  SuperJew

All those tests are for diagnosing problems with the car, its not a fun little thing to try... :thumbs:

posted by  Mathew

Does the 318 have an OBC? It shows your gas milage, miles left in the tank, average speed for last trip, etc?

If you do, there is all sorts of tricks you can do with that...

posted by  Zalight

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