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OK, so there's like 10 bazillion "which car would you take for free?" threads. My thread, is "Why would you take any of them?" Yeah supercars look awesome and go really fast. Other than that, what do they do? Nearly everyone of them guzzles fuel at a rate that would make them unusable to commute in, parts would be insanely expensive and driving more than an hour would make your ass feel like you just drove 1900 mikles straight in a Subaru Loyale. Except for the occasional "I feel like tearing around downtown at 140, maybe give the cops something to do" Who cares about a $1M toy when you could build something just as fast, that you could be proud of, for a fraction of the cost, that would actually be reliable and reasonable to drive?

Porsche GT3 whatever - So what? Looks like any other new Porsche.
McLaren F1 - Do I need to say anything? Nobody here will ever own one of these.
Enzo - It's a race car. It just happens to be street legal.
Lamborghini anything - try driving one around town and see how you like it.

I'm not trying to be all "Supercars are gay!" I'm just saying, there are far superior machines out there.

posted by  83$+hax0revA

When you find a far superior car to my 600 HP Lamborghini Diablo....bring you're title we'll race.....


posted by  DiabloSV

I think that if you can't understand how thrilling it would be to even have the opportunity to ride in one of those cars then you don't really need to be here.

posted by  hondaman

So what you're trying to say is "If You Could Have Any Car, Which Wouldn't It Be?"...Right? :doh:

posted by  chris_knows

No, he's saying he's not impressed with blank check engineering. While there is something to be said with building your own instead of buying, he forgets that no one has to build supercars. Cars could just be transportation appliances. Most supercars are brought to this world through the desires of some serious car guys who are getting to build what they dreamed of, and have the funds in place to do it. it's good to see what people will come up with when cost is of little or no concern.

If he thinks it takes nothing to engineer a $1million McLaren, he hasn't done much real design and development work on anything other than bolt-ons on his own car (if that much). And he doesn't realize that some of the performance parts he is buuying cheaply to make his own car a fast car have got well over a millin dollrs of development money INTO them to be able to deliver it to him so HE doesn't have to engineer it. Like whatever engine he wants to start with...

posted by  ChrisV

we can race pink slips against my twin engined, twin turbo (each one) mcLaren SLR.

posted by  Inygknok

there's a difference...I actually own the Diablo.... how's the McLaren treating you Solar...i mean Inygknok

posted by  DiabloSV

I don't mean to be a wank to anyone, but i busted my a** to get where I'm at,..... and this is my trophy. No Offense to anyone- but I have driven a few of the "Supercars" out there and owned a handful- and i have arrived at the Diablo over the many others. (Also has to do with the fact that spending over $1M for car is just insane :screwy: ...and there's no way in hell I could afford that.)

Again, I will be posting (weather permitting) a really cool video of what it's like to sit in the drivers seat of this car and barrel around turns that most cars wouldn't be able to handle, at speeds that are pretty much unthinkable

posted by  DiabloSV

lol :thumbs:

btw, did Solar get completely banned so he could never get back in here?

posted by  Inygknok

My feelings towards the supercars are as any other man that likes cars are same, but I do not think that discussions should always lead towards them. Not so many of us are lucky enough to drive one or even worse, never have driven any. Personally, I would like to discuss about more likely things that could happen to us. That is about the middle class cars. I always seek the cars that can give you comfort and sporty spirit even without paying six-digit price for them. I am great fan of the nature and Opel cars. My every effort goes in that direction. I have started subject about car safety, but it has ended before it has began in the way that I wanted it to. Not so many of the people here agree with my point of view. Supercars are good in the scientific way, because they always try something new on them. Sometimes it is new material, sometimes it is new mechanical solution and mostly new engines that shows behavior of materials in the long-term use. That is good, but beside that, we can find nothing useful to talk about as average drivers. Streets by my opinion are unsafe enough, imagine if every one would drive 6.0 liters engine. It would be dangerous even to go out. There is few that are professional drivers, like rally drivers. Racing should be kept in the boundaries of tracks. Most of supercars come from Europe, so it is a bit out of place for me to talk about this, but I did. I love to race, but I like to do it off road mostly. It is more than dangerous even if you drive 1.3-liter car. That has given us an idea that we should keep it there. Only people that can get hurt are we, and there could be no damage to others, except the crops that could be run-down during race. I have done a serious damage few times to my Opel and even few physical that follow me through my life. I have intention to make a car. It will be handcrafted from an engine of Opel. It gives me the freedom to put any engine into it, but it will not be some abnormally strong engine, it will be in the range between 2.0 and 2.5 liters. As much as I dreamt of a supercar as a child, I think that I have grown over it.

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

Well I could probably throw a 70's Camaro together that would beat your Lamborghini Diablo in the 1/4 mile for 1/64 the price including the price of the car.

posted by  x1/9-rally

Anyways getting back on the subject, I would be happy with a Lancia Stratos kit car. http://www.rally-expert.com.ua/images/Azbuka_images/wing/stratos-big.jpg

Or a Lancia Delta S4, with its turbo and supercharged 16 valve intercooled 4 banger. :drool:http://www.barchetta.cc/All.Ferraris/images/0666/lancia-delta-3.jpg

posted by  x1/9-rally

Lancias are sweet....

And I can buy a dragster too...(read on)

no doubt- you probably could put together a 70's american made..anything that could 0-60 in 3.6sec, but as soon as you came into a turn- ....you'd be in the trees/bushes...there's something to be said for a car that is not only fast, but has the suspension to handle the speed. That's one of my beef's with American made cars like Vette's and Vipers- they are extremely fast- but the suspension hasn't caught up to the power of the engine yet. Still nice though....it comes down to personal preference i guess.... :)

posted by  DiabloSV

I seriously doubt you've spent significant time in Corvettes and Vipers on teh track.

Let me put it to you this way. I built this car for $4500


600 hp, 700 lb ft of torque, and over 1 G of lateral grip. it was DESIGNED to go around corners. In pretty much any track situation, it would have no problem keeping up with your Diablo. Saying that American muscle can be built up to go fast in a straight line but can't corner is extremely ignorant.

Sorry, I've been in the SCCA for too many years (27 of them, to be exact) to listen to that sort of bullshit without commenting.

In fact, there's a current movement, called Pro-Touring, that is all about taking large domestic musclecars and making them corner as well as accellerate. And surprisingly, it doesn't take much suspension mods to do it. And modern purpose built cars like the Corvette and Viper are plenty capable in stock form.



Check out the Mustang just under a minute and a half into this vid... Notice it's cornering ability.

posted by  ChrisV

chrisV, wrong video ya got there. :wink2:

oh... and how did the price breakdown for that car ya built for the scca? (i'm assuming you built it for the scca? if not, what then?)

posted by  pik_d

I wouldn't mind a nice little TVR to play in.

posted by  Wally

Fixed the link

Built for BSCC rules, actually. Started with a $400 '81 Mustang Cobra (w/turbo 2.3 liter) for $400. Sold the engine and trans for $400. Bought '70 Mercury station wagon w/460 for $100. scrapped the wagon and used the engine, trans, and rear. Put $1500 onto the engine (ported the heads, 429 SCJ cam, .030 overbore, 10.5:1 pistons, headers, Edelbrock intake and used Holley). Put $150 into the trans (shift kit, tighter converter). $70 into driveshaft. KYB Gas-A-Just shocks all around, lowered springs, and Global West front A arms (revised geometry). Also added a Quikor front and rear swaybar, 1 1/2" in front and 1" in rear (farkin' HUGE). Got a good deal on a set of 16" Ronals and Yokohama A008RSII tires, used. Should've spent more money on brakes, as they tended to fade easy hauling down into turn 2 at SIR. other than that, the body and interior were stock. I ended up stripping the stripes off and giving it a nice black paintjob for it's new owner, who drove it on the track and daily (and at least once a month even in the winter back and forth between Seattle and Cour d'Alene, Idaho) for 10 years...

Other than wheels and tires, I could duplicate that car right now for pretty much the same cost. Of course, I'd rather do it with a different car, something a little more "oddball" like a Mustang II or a Maverick. ;)

posted by  ChrisV

If you can afford to buy a Supercar....you can afford to run it, you can also afford another, more comfy car for that daily commute...in most cases. And to be honest, I'd happily sacrifice a nice comfy ride, for out-n-out pace and a bloody good stereo....(Good old driving music lol) :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Amazing, I have a question though, do you ever build and sell cars for people?

posted by  Pythias

haha, i was thinking the same exact thing...

posted by  pik_d

I used to, but then the labor was counted, and the cost went up. When it's a hobby, labor doesn't count as it isn't time that would have been making money otherwise.

posted by  ChrisV

ChrisV- I have spent time in Lotus and Lambo's on the track, ...but the difference is these were STOCK vehicles-right off the showroom floor. Take a stock vette or stock viper or stock Mustang the track-...that's what I was referring too. I don't follow/compete in racing as rigorously as you may, but I was referring to stock vehicles. Sorry about the misunderstanding, I should have clarified.

posted by  DiabloSV

My bet is a STOCK Viper or the new Z06 will happily give a Gallardo a run for its money around any track.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well, the original poster said:

"Who cares about a $1M toy when you could build something just as fast, that you could be proud of, for a fraction of the cost, that would actually be reliable and reasonable to drive?"

Not talking about a stock car, but one you could build.

Then x1/9 posted:

"Well I could probably throw a 70's Camaro together that would beat your Lamborghini Diablo in the 1/4 mile for 1/64 the price including the price of the car."

Not talking about a stock car, but one he could build.

And you said:

"And I can buy a dragster too.. you probably could put together a 70's american made..anything that could 0-60 in 3.6sec, but as soon as you came into a turn- ....you'd be in the trees/bushes..."

Even YOU were talking about building a quick American car, not a STOCK one. And that statement was, in fact, completely mistaken. So I showed you one that I DID build that was dirt cheap and had more cornering grip and ability than your car. Proving that not only can older American muscle be built to accellerate AND handle, but it doesn't take a giant bank account or a dot.com income to do it.

As for the question of stock Vette/Viper etc on the track, they work EXCEPTIONALLY well, and beat expensive Euros on road race tracks regularly. You said it yourself, you don't follow racing that closely. So making a statement of absolutes as though you DO is a mistake.

Simply put, you have the money to buy an extremely nice car, but you really have very little PRACTICAL experience with a wide range of performance machinery, and have formed "concrete" opinions just like any typical Eurosnob. Those opinions are based very little on any factual knowledge. Only what you hear from other Eurosnobs or Eurosnob journalists.

I don't begrudge you your car or your money, and am not jealous or envious of it. If I had the money, I'd be playing with cars like that, too, as well as building my own.

posted by  ChrisV

Even vette could blow off any lambo. I bet you could post some pictures that prove that you do have lambo. (I could bet if I would want to loose) Viper is unbeatable... No question abut that... BYE!!!

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

Gents- My apologies. This is about building cars now? I thought this was a SuperCar thread...anyway, until you have driven one (Lamborghini...extensively)..and not just believed what you read or what is written- none of you can say a word.

"....So I showed you one that I DID build that was dirt cheap and had more cornering grip and ability than your car. ...."

Cheap-... yes. More "cornering grip and ability"....hmmmm....

That's right.... I always hear about Mustangs other American Muscle winning the 24Hour LeMans races... :laughing:

..."As for the question of stock Vette/Viper etc on the track, they work EXCEPTIONALLY well, and beat expensive Euros on road race tracks regularly."

Who has the most wins in road racing internationally.....? Starts with an F, right? You're really into racing aren't you?

"...Simply put, you have the money to buy an extremely nice car, but you really have very little PRACTICAL experience with a wide range of performance machinery, and have formed "concrete" opinions just like any typical Eurosnob."

Answer- Yes I do. And how the hell do you know my experience? I've owned over 40 vehicles, most of which you will never even sit in- let alone ever own. And I have driven them extensivley- 90 % being "Eurosnob" exotics (so eloquently put) and 10% that does include Viper 99' and Corvette 89'....and a Plymouth Prowler- don't ask - I wasn't myself that day).

And easy on the Eurosnob comment, I'm not calling you a cousin banging, Mustang drivin' Hillbilly- alright.

And you ARE right I may not have the racing experience that you do with American vehicles or with racing for that fact- then again I'm probably half your age.
These aren't "concrete" opinions, but track data (which you should know about) will answer most of what you stated regarding any Vette or Viper. Do you agree?

Wait a second I almost forgot...(read on)

...it's a great big conspiracy with all people in a fortunate position and all the "Eurosnob" journalists feeding the propaganda to the world.
You're such a hippocrite- you've never raced a Lambo or other exotic...yet you base YOUR beliefs on the biased white trash journalism you read...what the F***?

....boy you're smarter than I thought.You've figured all us rich folk out!!!!

And ngluvakov...have ever driven any of the above mentioned vehicles?

posted by  DiabloSV

and if you read the post - I'm the only one here defending the "Supercars"....go figure...

posted by  DiabloSV


posted by  SyntheticTrust

It was from the first post. read it again (and teh part I quoted in my LAST post.)

On top of that, YOU responded to a statement made specifically about building a '70s American car, saying it would STILL not handle. Which was wrong.

And NOW you act all surprised as though you NEVER knew ANYONE was talking about cars you could BUILD instead of spending a ton of money on supercars? Give me a break.

Sorry, in my last 27 years of driving, I've driven Lamborghinis, A lotus twin turbo, a number of ferraris including an F40, as well as a number of VERY fast Porsches. (Not only have I been an SCCA member for 25 years, I've been a PCA member, having owned a number of Porsches including a regional championship winning autocrosser). And I've seen them in action with nationally competetive drivers. I've also competed against them in much less expensive machinery. So I believe I can say vastly more than a word or two on the subject.

But to turn that phrase back on you, until YOU have driven a car like that Mustang I built, YOU need to stop making generalizations about AMerican cars.

Don't start being an immature asshat. Ford entered Le Mans with the GT40 back in the day. But then they concentrated on providing engines for F1. But yes, Americans have done QUITE nicely at LeMans, with the Vipers and Corvettes dominating their classes. Have you not heard of Team Oreca?

And in classes where Ford HAS entered Mustangs, like the Grand Am challenge, they regularly beat the Porsches BMW M3s they run against Including at tracks like Laguna Seca.


None of that matters to the fact that my old Mustang made over 1 G of lateral grip, and your SV does NOT. My cheap ass RX7 with the Ford V8 made even MORE.

Again with the immature idiocy. Ferrari started racing in '48 under his own banner. When was the first year of the Viper? Just because one company ENTERS more races doesn't mean the others aren't as good at it. Again, look at lap times at the Ring, or results from CURRENT LeMans races. Since the Viper was introduced and since GM has gone back to international racing, their cars ARE competetive and regularly beat the other cars.

BTW, When was Lamborgini's last LeMans win? If you're using that as proof that the supercars like your SV are superior, you want to point to where Lamborghini beat the Viper or Corvette on the track?

Of course, the Diablo was developed while Lamborghini was OWNED by Chrysler, and Lamborghini did the development work on the Viper's aluminum V10, but hey, why quibble about small things like that...


And that's "Practical" experience? How many ****ing WRENCHES have you ever dirtied your little hands with? Ooooh, writing a check for an exotic certainly makes you the expert on how the f*ckers work. If you have no experience with BUILDING a car to do what you want, then NO, you do NOT have any f*cking practical experience. I've owned over a hundred cars, and worked on hundreds more, including being part of building the team Seattle Porsche GT3s that won at Sebring in the late '90s.

You might, stress MIGHT, have some magazine reading knowledge of how suspensions work, but [i]I've engineered and built suspensions for Formula cars and sports racers. I know what handles good and what doesn't and what it takes to make cars handle good. And I can guarantee you I can outdrive you in anything you've got. You're the kind of eliteist prick I LOVED wiping up the track with in some POS I threw together the previous weekend on a dare.

Well, I don't have a Mustang and you ARE a eurosnob. Especially after that buit about how you've ONLY owned exotics. calling me a cousin bangin', Mustang drivin' hillbilly would require me to actually HAVE a Mustang NOW, actually ever banged a cousin, and been a "hillbilly.' Whereas calling you a eurosnob only requires you to be snobbish about how much better Euro cars are than anything else. Hmm. Guess what? You DID that. Asshat.

jokes on you. I read all the same magazines as you. and I HAVE raced exotics, and LOVE them. But I'm not a narrowminded, ignorant POS, like you. I like ALL cars, cheap OR expensive. Hell, my first post in this thread was DEFENDING supercars to the guy the started the thread. If you were capable of actually READING, yo'd know that. But after defending supercars, I had to address a completely f*cking ignorant and insulting statement YOU made.

posted by  ChrisV

if you read my FIRST post in the thread, you'd see that that isn't true. *I* was defending them.

So you're wrong yet again.

posted by  ChrisV

Ok boys settle down. This is starting to get slightly out of hand.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

And the pisser is I was defending you when VW Hobo was attacking you.

posted by  ChrisV

Any Lambo?.....

posted by  Cliffy

So you. ..in a lifetime... have driven the equivalent of time in exotics as I have in the last 2 months????? Does the B. Willis ring a bell along with the leMan winning team this year..huh? I'll ask him when we meet this weekend - ****wad...you can tell HIM you know what you're talking about shortly before he hands your balls in a pouch to you...you're not the almighty dude...so ease up....pyou see it's one of the perks of being of being a rich self made prick-... people I know- personally- engineered the winning vehicles for leMans last year. let's say we not get into that one.....

Now I have to drop my trousers on account of some cockmuncher who now knows his life is shit because some little prick (yep that's me) did in 10 years what he couldn't achieve in a lifetime.

Piss off ...you igonorant ****.
You have no clue....do you.

Immature....... I'm not a ****ing monkey who has to turn wrenches to know about cars...but if you want to play rough...then let's go :

I use my intellect and knowledge as my way of learning to achieve not by wrenches, and dirty hands. (I can hear it now-...YOU HAVE TO USE A WRENCH TO BE MAN)...yeah tell that to your wife...i did.

And at last...you're how old?

I've lived your life in half the time.....and in MUCH MUCH better style, richness (not just the money kind) and sophistication.
And yeah- you friggin poopstain-...Ford did have 2 years in the LeMan before FERARRI blew their ass clean out of the races....

...Now I know what seperates people like you and I.....
Just read the posts you've written.....you want to jump people asses for trying to engage intelligent conversation....I can hear it now from your mouth..


...that's all i have to say.

posted by  DiabloSV

Ouch...that's gonna hit some of us hard :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

Can you ask monkeyknob to get me a large fry and a double cheeseburger please?

oh and and a shake too...


posted by  DiabloSV

hey ChrisV bring your noise to

You want comparisons dicknose?
here's your vette and gallardo...that's barely a Lambo..(they call it the baby Lambo) and it still tools the Vette....


posted by  DiabloSV

As insignificant as it may seem....that's an advert! :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

Whatever, dude. So you drove a bunch of exotics in the last two months. You still haven't answered how that's PRACTICAL experience. But talk to who you have to. It doesn't change the fact that you're an elitist pussy that made a mistaken comment and is too f*cking retarded to own up to it.

My life isn't even SLIGHTLY shit. Where would you have gotten the idea that it was? What the **** have you accomplished "in 10 years"? Some dot com idiocy that allowed you to have a bunch of money doesn't make you a man.
It's pretty telling that you want to drop trou, however. Do you often do that? Apparently you're too used to having people around you suck your cock for having money. That's pathetic.

I'd say it's YOU that had no clue. You've made at least three reading comprehension mistakes since the start of the thread. And your "practical" experience is simply DRIVING some exotics. BFD.

No, you're a f*cking monkey that couldn't turn a wrench if your life depended on it. And you know next to knothing about cars, regardless of how much money you have.

ohh, big threat. Should I be scared or somthing? I never defined my life by turning wrenches. It's merely another skill I have that you don't. I do architectural engieering for the government, and do engineering on other projects, like this one:


I play with cars because I CAN, not because that's the only thing I can do. How's that dot com company doing, again?

The first and last are questionable. As for money, yes, you lucked out on that. But I daresy you've done less in TOTAL with your life, and are pretty much incapable outside of some programming. Hell, you're incapable of simple things like resizing a picture or posting it on the web. It's amazing how someone of your incompetence can think they actually amount to something simply for being a part of a company that made a bunch of money for nothing, then went bust. You definitely have me beat for arrogance, I'll give you that much.

Actually Ferrari never beat the GT40s. They had the Ford cars banned for the '70 season. But guess what? They never got the chance to "blow them out of the water", as the Gulf team that won Le Mans in '68 and '69 in Ford GT40s, came back in '70 with the Porsche 917, and started winning again. Ferrari's 512 never had a chance, so they went to F1, where Ford routinely beat them with the Cosworth powerplants.

Once again, you show you don't know what you're talking about.

I seriously doubt it.

Listen, you made a mistake and you're too much of a prick to own up to it. And you just dig your hole deeper every time you post with your elitist "I'm a better person because I got lucky and got rich" crap.

posted by  ChrisV

Chris, you're involved in the Millenium Airship? I've seen that on Discovery, and it looks massive! Got any secrets you can tell us about it? :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

There's not much in the way of "secrets." It's just a really large lighter than air lifting body. The ITAMMS rotating wing tech is proprietary, but it's based on the NOTAR work McDonnell Douglas did. The primary difference it has over others is being amphibious. We're getting a lot of interest from international sources on that ability, especially for delivering heavy supplies to normally inaccessable areas, though the civilian applications have to wait until we're finished with the DARPA work (we're partnered with Lockheed for that).

That's the funny thing about this whole going back and forth with DiabloSV. I stopped working on cars for a living over a decade ago. I was burned pretty badly when a passenger in a friends race car that literally exploded. Spent six months in a wheelchair and had to sell my shop. So I started working with computer animation and engineering. Cars are still the hobby, but I spend my efforts and money on what he would call "using my intellect" So, over the last 10 years, I've went from being in a wheelchair unable to walk, with no income and no business, to designing and enginering that airship, doing architectural engineering for the government (like developing an advanced weapons testing facility at Dahlgren Naval base) as both a contractor and full time employee, with an excellent salary, owning property on two coasts and 4 states, with a wife, kid, and a great life. And he thinks because I can wrench on cars, I'm only capable of flipping burgers? Yeah, right.

That from a guy who had a part of a failed dot com company, lives off the residuals, has a website smashing bits of office equipment and selling can cozys, can't even resize a digital photo himself, and thinks that that and his car makes him more "sophisticated."

posted by  ChrisV

That's the kind of ignorant comment that gives wealthy people a bad name, and also makes you a eurosnob. In your eyes, just because ChrisV is knowledgeble in automitve work he knows nothing else. Maybe you should just shut up and listen to him, instead of making yourself look like the real ignorant shit that you are.

posted by  torinoman80

Hmmm. Depends how you Define Superior! People dont just buy super cars for speed. most of it is for image reasons.. you dont see celebs in modified imports.. some people that buy theese cars dont even give a monkeys about how quick it goes they buy it because they have the money to and there not gonna trade there luxury supercar for a Pulsar GTI-R with bucket race seats. it seems a bit stereotypical but thats just how people are. To each there own! As for supercars id probably take a Converted Porsche 996 Gemballa Evo 750 GTR :mrgreen:

posted by  Lukaz

I see, so let me ask you this, if someone had the money and you gave them an estimate or what-not would you build a car for them or do you do it mainly as a hobby now, and wouldn't build one personally for someone?

posted by  Pythias


posted by  Pythias

If it makes you feel good....

LET IT BE KNOWN CHRISV WINS!!!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

That help you? :laughing:

Let me just let you in on a little secret you bleeding heart, blue collar, American working class- "damn someone please make a movie out of my life" - piece of shit-

I still drove back to my ridiculously large home, to my incredibly beautiful wife in a ****ING LAMBORGHINI!!! :fu:

But remember you still ...win?

Thats right -you win big player...stay online...it's good for you...(and just for shits and giggles) me too....

So savor the flavor and sleep well tonight knowing that some ELITEST PUSSY who's half your age took you're stupid monkey ass to the bank for the shear reason you're online.......(dotcom money ring a bell smart guy?)

Keep typing .....I'm looking at Murcielago's ........ :thumbs:

Thanks Chris..and keep on posting!!!!

posted by  DiabloSV

i think his point *might* have been that you were wrong on a few of your assumptions about him and his experience.

you assumed he has never driven a lambo, or other such car. apparently you were wrong... so all your statements based off that fact were also wrong. (basicly the one where you said he had no right talking trash about european supercars)

he seems to have been more focused on WORKING on cars, and driving them then actually OWNING THEM. so your mindgames (your claim that at the end of the day, its you who has the better car/life) really have no effect. really, does that mean you "win"? maybe to you, but not to everyone.

the point of claiming a win is to make the OTHER person feel like they have missed out. clearly you have not done that at all in this case.

go ahead, criticize me (and my neon, oh noes!), you'll be the only one who cares. and just like it takes two to hold a conversation, it takes two to have a competition, and therefor... it takes two for there to be one winner.

dont go around pretending you're the better man when you're using criteria that no one else cares about. it just doesnt work.

posted by  pik_d

And you still don't think that you're a Eurosnob. That's the amusing part. :banghead:

posted by  torinoman80

You might own nice material stuff, but you'll never own ChrisV with knowledge about probably anything. Just so you know. :thumbs:

posted by  thunderbird1100

I quite liked the bloke when he first arrived here at CF....Now I think he's a pleb....(DiabloSV btw...not ChrisV lol)! :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

Same with me. I guess the real diablo came out from behind the curtains.

posted by  torinoman80

Of course he wins. He wins because he is right, you loose, because, you just say that you have money or style, but none of that seems to be proven. I even doubt in you having a brain. I love European cars more than I love myself, but undeniable things are undeniable. People have experience and that is what counts. You have not posted any picture of you and 70 cars, (correction: SUPERCARS) and you still attack people that have proven themselves on this field of interest. Please post few of your pictures driving Lambo, or your beautiful house. Doubts are that you even had a female in your life. I do not think that you could have female with that attitude. Please give us a reason to believe you. Post something that defends your statements. Picture, video, something... I am ready to believe!!!

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

Here you go. Be my guest...(the Diablo and my wife are featured on the site), I have all the pics of my other cars as well, but that will take a good bit of scanning....

I've kinda been on edge lately-(that's my wife and we're expecting our first child in 2 months)...so that may have some relevance..kind of freaking out a bit..

So Sorry if I have needlessly gone off on anyone (ChrisV)

If you want video...wait a week and a half, and it'll be posted on the same site. Me driving the Diablo....should have decent production value as well.

I'll keep everyone posted.

And for those of you who still don't believe...tell me when I can expect you in the N.Georgia area...we'll go for a ride!

posted by  DiabloSV

I'm sorry....but that was advertising...I viewed it though... :ticking:

posted by  Cliffy

You should come down to the Auburn area in Alabama. If I took some pics of your Diablo with my Accord there would be no doubt.

posted by  hondaman

Guys, there's no reason to doubt he has what he says. The pics so far were good enough for me way back when, and why I defended him when he was posting them before. He's not a liar as far as I can tell. He just has an attitude problem that comes from going straight from school to wealth without any life experience inbetween. For people like him, it's only about leisure, not learning.

posted by  ChrisV

Jump over to Atlanta...it's not that far...I'll find out when the club meeting is, this way you would be able to see about 40 vehicles instead of 1.

And ChrisV and any others.....

"Guys, there's no reason to doubt he has what he says. The pics so far were good enough for me way back when, and why I defended him when he was posting them before. He's not a liar as far as I can tell. He just has an attitude problem that comes from going straight from school to wealth without any life experience inbetween. For people like him, it's only about leisure, not learning."

Either way you look at it, i apologize for being a Wanker :doh: ....cut me some slack, huh? Life has thrown a few curve balls recently, :screwy: and I'm just dealing with it-....again no hard feelings. :ohcrap:

posted by  DiabloSV

Ok, will do. Consider slack given. I understand about life throwing you things that stress you out.

BUT, the moment you start acting like you're special for having money, all bets are off. Now, back to what this site is about, the enjoyment of ALL cars. :thumbs:

posted by  ChrisV

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Again... my apologies ChrisV....

posted by  DiabloSV

show me a picture then

posted by  xlrated

check your messages xl....
:evil: Diablo...

posted by  DiabloSV

Awww...I like it when it all comes together in harmony and bliss :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

Diablo i give u props, that was the first time some 1 said sorry, only men can do that by the way, i have a long way 2 go :(.

posted by  Walt

Uh Oh looks like someone revived an old thread, guess its time for this one to be locked to.

posted by  Pythias

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