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Where can you download a ealer/parts manual for a Mercedes Benz w203, or C class.

I want to see the screw locations on the front head lights, and essentialy to see how they are installed, and what power cables they have connecting them.

Where can I downlaod this, or if anyone owns one and can tell me, that would be cool too.

I bassicaly want to do a head light swap, myself. It would also be a really interesting diargram to read. Because they would be blue prints for the most part.

I know dealers etc have these. to order parts of a car if it becomes defective.

posted by  Legion5

Mercedes-Benz STAR TekInfo (http://www.startekinfo.com/StarTek/)

posted by  vwhobo

Neat, now if only it was free.

Actualy this is exactaly what I wanted. There is litelraly no way it could be better.

Guess I'll have to get the 1 day subscription when I want to do something. Thanks.

posted by  Legion5

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