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It looks to me like Porsche is doing some experimenting here. Mid engine coupe a sign of a transition into Mid engine layout for future 911s? A lot of the porsche boys are excited about this car, what do you think?

posted by  importluva

295 speed of 161 mph 0-60 in 5.4, 0-100 in 11.7 seconds, the extra urban setting gets it 36mpg, and it retails for 43GBP...or at least that's what the porsche website says...I say she's sexxyy :drool:

posted by  chris_knows

Not anything new, the Boxster has been mid-engined for years, still is. The Cayman is basically just a slightly longer (by 2 whole inches) Boxster S with a hard top and slightly larger engine (3.4L vs. 3.2L). They even share the same wheelbase (95 inches). They even share a near similar price tag (Boxster S = $57k while Cayman S = $58k). What am I waiting for? A turbo 3.4L Cayman. Something with around 350-375hp and a price tag in the mid 70s (slotted inbetween the 911 and 911S). Still an extremely sweet car. Especially for someone who cant afford a 911 but dont want the absolute smallness of the Boxster and still wants a hardtop.

BTW - The 911 will remain RR...

posted by  thunderbird1100

I quite like the Cayman...It looks kinda different to what we would expect them to come up with....Just a Coupe Boxter really :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Thats exactly what it is, a coupe boxter S. I am not too impressed, as I have a feeling its performance will be just like the boxters, lacking. I eat up boxters. Just did on my track day makes me feel good to know that after racing me guys realize that they wasted their money on a sheild on their hood.

posted by  Zalight

Sorry to say, but a Boxster S handles better than a M3. Plenty more nimble. Plus, I've never seen a place call a 280hp 3000lb Boxster S which is one of the best handling sports cars on the market "lacking" in performance. I can see your M3 MAYBE beating an older generation Boxster (the 2.5L version - 200hp), but definately not a new 240hp Boxster or 280hp Boxster S. Nor beat the 2.7L version (215hp) or older 3.2L (250hp) version. The Boxster S (3.2L or 3.4L) would eat a 240hp M3 for lunch, no problem at all.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well maybe you should tel that to this ( guy, who finished the sandia auto-x in 2m 1.74s, as compared to this devilishly handsome bastard ( who finished it in 1m 56.80secs on that day, and 1m 55.60secs on saturday.

posted by  Zalight

I'm not an expert on Boxsters so I have no clue what engine he has of the bunch (2.5, 2.7 or 3.2). Just look at the specs, the Boxster handles slightly better, has a better power/weight (With the 2.7L and up engine). Given equal drivers you would lose around an auto-x course OR 1/4 mile to any boxster other than probably the 2.5L 200hp version, and possibly MAYBE the 2.7L 215hp version (but I doubt it). I've beaten a 01 V6 190hp Mustang in a drag once before in my 125hp ACCORD. Doesn't mean I can beat them all. I'd gladly tell that guy in the Boxster if it happens to be a larger engined one he can't drive worth shit if he lost to a near-400lb heavier M3 with similar power and worse handling. Just like I told the guy in the Mustang he just got beat by a 125hp Accord with 200lbs of audio equipment in it. You have to realize just because you beat one bad driver in a Boxster doesn't mean you can beat all Boxsters. It definatley, doesn't mean that. I'm not trying to rag on you or an M3 (love the M3), but saying an E36 M3 can beat Boxsters no problem, GIVEN EQUAL DRIVERS, is just not the case.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Well, Driver skill might have had something to do with it. But I am still unimpressed by them.

And by the way....400 lbs heavier?
3175(m3)-2965(boxterS)= 210lbs

Only 10 horsepower (boxterS) more and 210 lbs less, for an extra 10k, plus no trunk room, no rear seats, spartan interior, 17mpg (compared to the 21 Im getting).

Once again, IMO, payin for a shield on the hood.

posted by  Zalight

I was going by the older 2.7L model (2822lbs), which is closer to 400 than 300, or 200. And I didnt SAY "exactly 400lbs" I said "nearly 400lbs heavier" - which is accurate enough in the fact I was looking at a 99 2.7L model that weighs 350+ less than the E36 M3, and compares the most easily to the E36 M3. These are the power/weights I came up with...

E36 M3 = 13.23lbs/hp
'97 Boxster 2.5 = 14.04lbs/hp
'99 Boxster 2.7 = 13.00lbs/hp
'01 Boxster S 3.2 = 11.42lbs/hp (BTW- they weigh 2855lbs, not 2965lbs, unless they weigh different in a different year)
'06 Boxster 3.2 = 11.90lbs/hp
'06 Boxster S 3.4 = 10.67lbs/hp

As you can tell, you compare best to the 2.7L varient. You shouldn't have a problem out accelerating the 2.5L model (outhandling it is another story). You would get toasted by any 3.2L model or the new 3.4L model (not to mention in handling too).

Why did people buy S2000's over WS6's? Why did people get Miata's over Mustang GT's? Why an Elise over a Cobra R? Why would someone pay more to get a Boxster over the M3 you ask? Answer is simple, they want an open top 2 seat high adreneline sports car. While the M3 is offered in convertible and has 2 more seats available than Boxster, it still doesnt handle like the Boxster (nor as good as it). BTW - your '99 M3 wasn't $10k less than a '99 Boxster. The Boxster started at $41k and the M3 started at $40k for the coupe and $46k for the convertible. So actually if you wanted a convertible, the Boxster was CHEAPER.

If you want to go by 2001 figures for the Boxster S...the 2001 M3 coupe retailed at $45k (over $50k for the convertible) while the Boxster S retailed for $50k. Again, not $10k. $5k. And about the same price if not a little less for the Boxster S than the M3 convertible.

My question to you is this (Since you had one). If you cared nothing but about performance, why would of someone bought an over $15k more expensive BMW M3 in 2000 over an S2000, which outperforms it. Sounds like those people just paid for "BMW" on their hood....

See the flaw in your logic.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I definitely agree with the sexy comment, the car looks great. Its also prety light, sub 3000lbs. My only gripe with it is the price, a little too much IMO.

The Boxster is a nice car too, especially the S version with the 280hp engine, as is the E36 M3. Zailight, its either that guy isn't as good a driver as you are or he has the base boxster. Either way, good job on beating him :thumbs:

Now, i don't see how you can compare your coupe to a convertible. Its only fair you compare the E36 vert to the boxster. If you want to compare your coupe then match up against the cayman s or carerra.

posted by  importluva

Whatever Thunderbird, I dont like to argue on forums because all people do is get random facts off the internet and post them up. There is a big difference between posting up something you googled, and posting something you actually experienced.

And I was goin off the 2005 model boxterS

By the way, all the following is opinion:

But ANYWAY, my point is this; the boxter is an allright car, but its not amazing. Its the commuter car of porsches. Its a dumbed down porsche, a wifemobile. It lacks a certain passion. Mediocre lawyers who dont know anything about cars, mid level office management, and upper-middle class yuppie wives buy these cars.

And they, IMO, are weak sauce.

But whatever, they arent even in the same class, you want a boxter eater...Its called the M roadster.

And since I know your a fan of googled facts:
Heres the boxter ( and Heres the M roadster (

So yeah...Im done, No more arguing.

posted by  Zalight

Thanks man!

Yeah, I haven't ran a carrera yet, I did run against a 1996 Carrera4S, But I dont remember what he ran, sorry. I'll check the Porsche Club Site, and see if they have it posted.

posted by  Zalight

Everything I got was directly from Porsche's webpage or No google involved. Experience has its downsides too, like what you experienced, a bad driver in the Boxster.

And that's a very uneducated and dumb opinion at that. Tell Porsche and their owners their Boxster is a communter car. Porsche DESIGNED that car with one thing in mind at most. The same thing in mind when Honda designed the S2000, when Mazda designed the Miata and when Lotus designed the Elise. An extremely well balanced light sports car that handles with the best of the best. The low price was just an added bonus to the total package.

Again, I didn't google anything, everything form the same site until I had to go to one different one both pretty upstanding if you ask me (no joe blow webpage). I've never googled anything, fan of Yahoo :thumbs:

The M-Roadster is a very nice car, it's just too bad they only sold maybe a thousand or two at the most here in the U.S. (probably why they didn't last long in sales). The Boxster picks up where the M-Roadster is lacking, they can sell it.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Porsche over BMW everyday! Boxster or its comparable bmw equivilant Z4 is a hands down win for boxster everyday!

The cayman is a very very clever piece of marketing by Porsche, it will take sales away from the high end audi tt's, nissan 350z and any silly bmw forray into the 2 seater coupe sector.

Sales of the boxster are assured as it has the image and the handling that all its competitors wish they had.

The car to wait for is the Cayman Club Sport :clap: , if porsche actually unleash this car it should be sold out for its entire build cycle!

Bmw make amazing engines no bones there, but the cars lack the passion and of Porsche.

posted by  Sarbs



Take a ride with me....Ill show you what passion feels like when saddled into an e36 chassis.

Why do we even have that damn FU smilie?

posted by  Zalight

Agreed the 'fu' is a bit strong and stupid, sorry.
No doubt that you could make the e46 go well, but as well as you could make a cayman go? I doubt it. Plus even at the age of 32, I'd never take a ride with a stranger! :laughing:

posted by  Sarbs

I am impressed with the Cayman- Its practically a clone of the 911 though, so I think its just a waste of the company money. It may be a tad better, but thats just not worth it.

posted by  ilove///amg

The Cayman has almost absolutely ZERO to do with the 911, so I don't know where i nthe hell you pulled that out of.

The Cayman is very close in specs with the Boxster. It's basically a hardtop Boxster in essence, with more power, but looks closer to the 911.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I have read many reviews, and guess what? Cayman vs 911

posted by  ilove///amg


posted by  newyorker

No.....The cayman IS a hardtop boxter. Not a new 911. The new 911 is the new 911.

posted by  Zalight

Geez, Ive been screwin up lately. :ohcrap:

posted by  ilove///amg

They have many comparos with the Corvette Z06 against the Viper, does that mean they are based upon one another? NO.

The Cayman has probably less than 5% to do with the 997.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Poor example though ... the comparos indicate that while the cars may not be based on each other, they are in the same class.

posted by  windsonian

first off....i love///amg - nice avatar :thumbs:
Secondly, i drove this car last weekend at the dealership. I've owned a Boxster and a 911....this car (cayman) is EXACTLY what you'd get if those two vehicles spawned a child!!!!

Nice...but starting aat 55K and upgradeable to over 70K...

I wouldn;t do it...but that's just me.

posted by  DiabloSV

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