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does anyone know if arnage is going to come out with a new body styling soon ?

posted by  muks

Not for a while. They recently released info on teh new '07 Azure, which is based on teh Arnage sedan. Since it shares the nose and tail of the Arnage, and I doubt that they'd introduce it for a single yea or two, I have to assume that the Arnage and Azure will probably remain in that form until at least 2010.

Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen, the CEO of Bentley, says the Arnage "has many years left in it."

posted by  ChrisV

Bentley stillmakes cars? lol

posted by  livesforboost

...Bentley's still going to make cars for some time...:laughing:

I think I might put this in the stupidest thing I've ever heard thread :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

Hello. (

posted by  Euspa

I don't really like her like that...but it would be very luxurious, so :hi:

posted by  chris_knows

i persoannly dont like copnvertible luxury cars, baffels me why you want a convertible if you want to ride in "peace an quiet luxury" eh, it look beautful though

posted by  ride3k

Maybe if you actually drove one with the top down, you'd understand. It feels great, you get all the "wind in your hair" feeling you want, plus the luxury of a bentley.

posted by  Mathew

You've apparently never been on a yacht, huh? A luxury convertible is the land bound version.

A convertible is all about enjoying your surroundings, and being immersed in the atmosphere of the location. Sitting in a comfortable leather seat, listening to classical music, with the sounds of the beach or forest, the sun on your back and a bit of wind in your hair... I love convertibles, from sports car to luxury cars.

posted by  ChrisV

Maybe he's thinking about going down the interstate at like 70 in one, I can't imagine that being too much fun no matter what car you're in.

posted by  jedimario

Sure it is, and I've done it many times. Why wouldn't it be? In fact, in a luxury car like the Bentley, there's very little wind buffeting (like in, say, my Fiat). But even in the Fiat it's great with the top down. Went from Baltimore up to Hartford, CT and back in the Fiat with the top down, and went from Seattle to LA and back in my Daytona Spyder replica with the top down. My '63 Comet convertible will be nicer to be in in those situations due to being a little larger and more comfortable.

posted by  ChrisV

Well from my personal experience it isn't, but my personal experience with convertibles only goes as far as a Miata and a Mustang. :laughing:

posted by  jedimario

Bentley's designs are fresh and since they're so exclusive, you don't see many, which makes the design even more refreshing each time you see it. Plus designing a Bentley has got to take a lot more time and money than a normal car.

As for convertibles, I've only been in a Sebring and in our '71 Buick Centurion. In the front seat, the wind is managed pretty well even at highway speeds. But the backseats aren't exactly comfortable in the 45 mph and up range.

posted by  moostang104314

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