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Hello! (

posted by  Euspa

Those are some interesting headlights, anyone know what kinda they are?

posted by  jedimario

:smoke: i ahve no idea what kind they are but damn that is a nice car :smoke:

posted by  mx3_monster

they look like some advanced LED headlights...

posted by  SuperJew

I looked around for more pictures of the headlights, but the latest models I see are from the ' I doubt it's a Miura, but they do look like some new LED''s what headlights are supposed to look like on some cars in 2007:

posted by  chris_knows

As far as i know, the only year that they made a "miura" was back in the 60's. I have heard nothing of this new model. What year is this car?

posted by  johnfilice

I think a present, thoughs head lights are only an experimental feature on any new car prototype as companies are struggling to make them bright enough to use legally on the road :thumbs:

Oh, appologies...I accidentally removed your initial picture when I was trying to edit it....sorry :doh:

posted by  Cliffy

OK. (

posted by  Euspa

if what i think is right, that more of those little led's turn on for high beams, that is a redicuously cool idea.

posted by  shaka zulu

Those look like the OEM's on the back of the BMW's and Infiniti's.

posted by  blazzinmatt

That's the new "Miura", which is supposed to be Lamborghini's answer to the Enzo (Autoweek, Road and Track, Motor Trend, or Automobile... read it in one of them).

posted by  Bino

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