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The first one is the Z4 coupe from BMW, the second is the M division derivative called the M-Coupe, boasting a 343 HP engine from the M3.. absolutle sickness people.. this car is going to rock the car world!! There are alot more pics and stats here:

posted by  darkus

Well the Z4 hasn't been rocking anything since it came out, nothing like the Z3 did. I wish the new Z4M roadster looked better, like the older Z3M did :ohcrap:

I don't know how well it will sell, probably price it around $50k. I guess the market will be S2000 buyers who want more power, but dont mind paying about $20k more.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Nice cars yes, but this is advertising.

posted by  jedimario

Yeah right. It's only a BMW all said and done. Wank factor 9.5.

posted by  Wally

They looks pretty d@mn sexy :drool:

but that's advertising, just post links to the pictures, not the forums :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

Something about it just makes me sick to my stomach. The M Roadster (or Z3M Roadster as some call it) still has my heart.

posted by  Mathew

Z3M with the new 3.2 343hp I6 = Best in my Book.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Yeah I recently got to drive a M roadster with an S54 in it (e46 m3 engine, it was an 01) And god damn....That thing was awesome. All the straight line DOOM of an e46, and the amazing handling I feel that ythe e46 lacks. Amazing car.

That'll be my wifes car, Ill have my GT35R turbo'd e36 m3 (pushing 22 psi on built internals), my family car will be the e39 m5, my daughter gets a z4, my son gets an e46 m3, my track car will be an e36 with an LS6.

MMMMMM....*sigh* what a great life that would be.

posted by  Zalight

Quite an imagination you have there. Why only stay with BMW? I would drive an Enzo, Wife; Carrera 4S, Son;Porsche Carrera GT, Daughter; V10 NSX. Wow, my family owns yours. :orglaugh:

posted by  aerith

Got Car & Driver the other day, and apparently, there's also the Z10 coming out:

:drool: :drool:

Best Z-series yet IMO

posted by  chris_knows

I'm pretty sure that's just an idea they are throwing around. I've heard that BMW wants to get into the exotic sports car market, but we'll probaly have to see a couple more concepts before we see any signs of production. That picture is just a preliminary drawing, i'm betting they don't even have a plastic model done up yet.

posted by  aerith

You'd actually let your son drive a carrera GT? and your daughter a v10 nsx? :screwy:
They'd kill themselves!

See, at least my dream is attainable! :laughing:

posted by  Zalight

lol, its attainable, I'll just have to buy one less house. A house in West Vancouver costs about 3 million CDN. lol.

posted by  aerith

That's only about $2.2 Mil in USD. :laughing:

posted by  thunderbird1100

Its 2.6 million USD. The USD has been dropping non stop the past couple of years, and the Canadian dollar has been rising steadily. Another piece of evidence to show that the US economy is going down the crapper. GM, Ford cutting so many damn jobs are related to the bad economy.

posted by  aerith

Our Service Manager and Owner of the BMW dealership I work at just had a house built in West Van.... :ohcrap:

posted by  Mathew

Yeah, those are so nice. I work on houses in Shaughnessy over the summer full time. Each worth about 2-4 million CDN.

posted by  aerith

The economy has actually been increasing the past few years, sure you have a few companies sucking ass, but many more are pulling it up than down. The Stock market has been mostly increasing the past year or two. The economy got hurt badly after the 9/11 attacks, the WTC was a major economic threshold. GM and Ford cutting jobs isnt related to the economy, it's related to gas prices and them not selling SUV's like have been wanting too. That's why they have been losing so much money, people buying smaller cars. For instance in America, Honda has seen 9+ record months of sales growth. Why? More fuel efficent vehicles.

Inflation has always been a problem here i nthe States, until we go back and base our actual money on gold, we'll still have inflation.

Another thing I'd like to point out is you cant directly convert CDN prices into USD prices. Just pick up some magazines. While for every American dollar you should get like $1.20 CDN, the magazines sometimes are like $3.99 US and $4.99 CDN, that doesnt translate very well.

So really our economy hasn't been doing bad at all recently (pretty good in fact). After the dot-com burst in the late 90's, it was going down pretty steadily, and when it was finally recovering in 2001, it got hit again with thr WTC getting attacked. But ever since mid 2002/2003 or so, the economy has been steadily rising, even after the two 'canes hit it was upposed to affect our economy more than it did, but it didn't.

This is nothing more than what normally happens in capitalism, it's called the business cycle, you have seasons of downward and seasons of upward. That's the beauty of capitalism, it's extremely difficult to have a depression if the stock market is treated correctly and not how it was pre 1929 Depression. A major depression is likely never to happen again.

That's some explanation of the business cycle you guys north of the border dont get.

Economic growth:

posted by  thunderbird1100

t-bird is mostly right, although I'd say that the cuts from Ford and GM are also to due to competition, but not to worry, that competition has got to hire someone as it grows.

posted by  jedimario

I agree with you. But you have to agree, the US isnt going to be doing so well for much longer. The US government pissed off the Canadian government, which means we're going to shift our resources to a country that appreciates what we supply them; China: who is currently in an economic boom and need resources desperately. Canada is one of the main suppliers of the US's raw resources. The technology market is also dying in the States. All the tech companies are getting bought out or moving to Taiwan/China. The US economy is on the decline, whether you say so or not. Compare the current US economy with the US economy of a decade ago of even 7 years or so ago. The needless wars have put a strain on the economy. You really think that the war in Iraq was needed? Its because according to history; wars are supposed to boost the economy. Guess why Bush was antagonizing everyone; North Korea, Iraq, Iran. Because he knows the US economy is on the decline, and hopes the wars will boost it up and get a hold of Iraq's resouces, which he failed to do as well. But instead, it backfired, and actually caused more economic decline. The only reason any country does business with the States is because they have to; they don't want to, but they have to. I've traveled to a lot of places, most of the business people don't like the US market and their way of doing business, but they have no choice since the US is one of the primary markets. Some of the crap people put up with is bull. The softwood tariff was just bull crap. The US haven't paid us the 5 billion USD they owe us. The WTO ruled in our favour, and so did NAFTA which was composed of 3 US judges and 2 Canadian judges ruled in our favour. You know they screwed us there, but they are still trying to appeal. What is 5 billion dollars to the US government? They spent 200 billion on the war in Iraq.

Do you work with currency? I do, everyday, i have a lot of business dealings with the US. The current exhange rate is 0.86CDN for every USD. Thats the highest in 30 years or so. I doubt thats part of the cycle. Execs at the Canadian banks said that it will go to 0.90CDN for every USD in the next two months or so. And the magazine prices have nothing to do with currency exchange, its just that they choose to sell it at that price. The Z06 sells for an extra couple thousands more here. even if you do the math. It's because they can't change the price just because the currency exchange rate changes. Then you would have varying prices every month. They have a set price which allows profit no matter what the exchange rate is. Sometimes its a smaller profit margin when the exchange rate is higher, sometimes is a larger profit margin when the exchange rate is lower.

Bush admin is just plain crap, they havent done anything for anyone. Sure they "freed" the people in Iraq of Suddam Hussein. Thank god, this is his last term. Maybe if you put someone actually decent up there, the US market may have a chance against the Chinese market. Where everything is made cheaper and probaly the same quality now, since the build quality on everything Chinese made has improved exponentially over the last half a decade or so.

posted by  aerith

I figured you'd be a typical "Bush hating Canadian who thinks the wars are worthless"...But anyways, I dont think it will affect the U.S. economy at all. Sure Canada supplies SOME resources, but it's not like if they stopped (Which they wont) it would DRASTICALLY affect us, we have only the world to turn to. We are the #1 nation for trade, we can go elsewhere.

Anyways, Canada has worse problems of its own, including declining poor healthcare, and no trust in their own government due to a scandal recently in the Liberal Party. EWISVA

So it looks like you guys got problems of your own to worry about.

Yeah I work with currency every day, as an American consumer. I think you mean for EVERY USD dollar you get $1.15 CDN, for every $1 CDN you would get 85 cents USD. Not the other way around like you posted. Which does show the Canadian currency gaining strength, or really is it just the American inflation problem? I believe the latter is more the cause. But we can speculate all we want.

I get it, I get, whatever the Bush Admin. does you will go against. IT's okay, we have many of those people here i nthe U.S. too, whether it is good or not, they are just against Bush, not his policies most of the time. :wink2: I'm sure in Canada Bush is portrayed with such upstanding in the media up there :laughing:

Maybe we should put someone like Clinton back in office, you know, like your Prime Minister Paul Martin, who got an American "No Confidence" vote when he was impeached and didn't do squat for 2 years after that. Bush has done plenty of this country, all of the good I'm sure you have plainly overlooked. Like his tax breaks across the board.

I know it's hard for you to understand this, but the President and Congress of the U.S. have little to do with the Economy, if you want to blame anything for the economy status (whether it be good or bad), talk to Alan Greenspan, or the American public. As they control the economy WAY MORE, than does the executive or legislative branch of our government.

Glad to educate you on American Government.

posted by  thunderbird1100

About time somebody did. :thumbs: :clap:

posted by  Pythias

Oops, on teh exchange rate. I meant 0.90 USD for every CDN dollar and 0.86 USD for every CDN dollar.

I understand outsiders won't understand. But, the truth is that if Canada did stop supplying anything to the states; Electricity for many of the borderline states, Uranium/Plutonium for nuclear reactors, beef, wood, wheat, Sulphur, minerals like gold/platinum/silver, diamond, hash, Nickel (canada is the largest producer of Nickel in the world, and Nickel is used in a lot of alloys) and fossil fuel (you really think the oil in the southern US is enough to supply the whole country?). We have bigger oil fields in Alberta+Saskatchewan alone then all of the United States, not to mention the large oil deposit under the Queen Charlotte islands which are completely untapped because of Fishing, and the Northwest Territories/Nunavut.

Yeah, i think the wars were unneeded. along with 40% of americans who have answered so in a poll, and 60% of Canadians, also don't forget the United Nations, which officially was against the war on Iraq hence US being one of few only countries involved in the fighting. Also, what the hell happened to Afghanistan? Where the hell is Osama? He's the one that killed thousands of US citizens, yet the Americans themselves don't care about them anymore? The truth is that Afghanistan is not occupied by American Troops. Afghanistan is currently under UN control by the help of Canadian/Australian troops and not American.

At least we have free medical helathcare. And its only threatened by the current government; Liberals. NDP and the Conservatives completely support healthcare. As for Paul Martin; he wasn't really elected; we were kind of stuck with him after Chretien resigned, but there was a poll afterwards; the problem was that it wasn't made public enough; the general public wasn't given enough information

The rise of the exchange rate is not only the inflation of the US dollar, but also because the Canadian economy is growing. Because recently Canada and China agreed on a 40 billion USD contract of improving trade relations between Canada and Hong Kong only, not to include Shanghai and other big Chinese port cities.

The truth is that the world hates the US. If they had a choice they wouldnt do business with them at all. And if you were to turn to the world for resources that Canada supply you, you are looking for a large increase in price. Due to shipping accross the ocean instead of just the border. The general international consensus of the US is that they are bullies; at least the government; the American citizens are regarded as just victims of bad government. First it was Iraq, then Iran, then North Korea, the countries are getting stronger and stronger; eventually they'll try to antagonize a country that is going to hit back; ie China or Russia. You think Osama bid Laden planned the WT attack just because he was jealous of the US's status? Its because the US bullied Afghnistan around before. I know and completely agree its completely wrong for Osama to attack and murder innocent citizens which were't even involved. But he didnt do it for no reason. Next, it might be China, and they won't just attack two towers; they will hit back much harder; they have just as much firepower as the US.

How do i know that the world hates the US? Ive travelled to Hong Kong, Australia, Beijing, Shanghai, Italy, Japan, and Brazil. If you mention you're american, expect someone to spit in you coffee. I went travelling with an American friend, we were backpacking. He had sewn a Canadian flag onto his bag, and wrapped his American passport with a old Canadian cover i lent him.

posted by  aerith

You still listed the exchange rates wrong :laughing:

I never said the United States could be self-sufficent. I said we are the #1 nation in the world for trade, so if one nation wants to stop, like you say Canada, then we go to another nation, it's not rocket science.

I think I need to educate you on YOUR government.

Your healthcare is not free (nothing is free, you learn that in Econ). You pay the government EXTRA in taxes to pay for your healthcare system (since it is a government run healthcare system). Which has in effect made Canadian healthcare inferior to American healthcare. It takes longer to get surgeries, and the quality of the doctors is not up to the same standard as they are here. Government run healthcare has never been better than private healthcare, never.

The U.S. economy is growing pretty wel right now too, I'm not too sur ehow well the Canadian economy is, but I'm pretty sure the MAIN reason why the CDN dollar keeps getting closwer to the USD dollar is most simply due to American inflation of the dollar.

The world hates America? Wow, typical anti-Bush canadian remark, yet under Clinton "the world loves America!". :laughing:

That's funny, the last I checked we had over 30 nations in support in the War on Terror helping us in Afghanistan, and over 20 nations support in the War in Iraq. America has distanced itself from the U.N. for very good reasons, including the U.N. is an appeasing corrupt organization. Sure, France doesn't like us, but what do we care? We didn't sell a Nuclear factory to the Saddam regime like they did, and heaivly benefitted off of Saddam's reigme (not that we didnt, but that was during the Iran/Iraq war, and we didnt sell them in effect, nuclear capabilities).

Don't even start on the wars, I'll make you look like a complete fool form there. Americans learned after the 2004 elections to never trust sample statistics polls, as guess what? None of them the predicted the outcome of the 2004 presidental election. Only POPULATION statistics polls are close to being 100% accurate, again as we found out in the 2004 presidental race. Sample Statistic polls are for sheep.

Wow you went to a couple nations and saw some thing, yup the world hates America, that proves it :wink2: :laughing: What a goof.
And while SOME Americans are against the war in Iraq, it's not like it's Vietnam over again, there are always a group of people against any war. An overwhelming majority of American want us to STAY there and finish the job, it's not like we're losing, we're making HUGE progress. Afterall, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 403-3 against a pull out in Iraq IMMEDIATELY. So that should tell you something.

posted by  thunderbird1100

First of all, i never said it was coompletely free, and the Child helathcare is free, taxes or not. Its like medical insurace, except everyone qualifies. Also, you are comparing government run health care to private, we have private run hospitals here too, and they are just as good as your private hospitals. And we don't have to pay thousands of dollars to have surgeries. And new flash, you guys aren't the number one trade country anymore. China has overtaken that position. Is all of the world trying to start business relations with the US desperately right now? The answer is not even close.

The Canadian dollar is growin, compare it to the Australian economy then? Last year it was 0.90 CDN equals one dollar. This year its 0.85CDN equals one AUD. The AUD economy hasn't changed much since last year either. And the truth is that the US wouldnt be able to produce a lot of their exports without our resources, same with Canada not being able to have much income without US purchases. You try and live without us, the northern half of 4-5 states lose electricity. You have no lumber to build houses, you have no food; beef, wheat, and you have no sulphur/nickel to produce chemicals. We without the US would have little or less income.

As for the standard of Doctors, i'm in University right now, studying to get into Medical School. I wouldn't say the doctors in the States are any better then they are here. Why? All pre-med students in North American have to take a MCAT before they get into Medical School. The Canadian averages are just as good, if not better then the American scores. Also, Canadians are at the forefront of medicine innovations. Who was the first country to figure out the DNA configuration of the SARS strain? Who is responsible for most of the treatments for Cancer? I personally think that the post secondary education in the States is way too expensive. The University of British Columbia + University of Toronto + McGill University are just as good as most of the post secondary institutions in the States. Yet Undgergraduate programs (80% full schedule; 4 classes a semester with two semesters a year) only costs around 5,000 a year. While the Graduate programs ranges from 8,000 to 20,000 CDN a year. While the Undergraduates at some Post secondary institutions in the US can go up to 30,000 a year.

Tell me about the wars then. I was never against the war in Afghanistan, im just saying you guys started the job, why don't you finish it? Move your troops back into Afghnistan so other countries don't have to do your work for you. Go look around, who's occupying Afghanistan? Everyone but the Americans. What was the reason behind the attack on Suddam Hussein. Was it because he had "weapons of mass destruction"? That was the original reason, and they did not provide enough evidence. Eventually; they changed it to because Suddam is a Tyrant. And would you care to explain why there is no troops other then British/American troops in Iraq right now? Sure there is support from other countries, but only verbally. I'm an outsider so i'm not sure what the congress thinks about the war. This is my point of view;They started it with the WMD thing, while secretly wanting Iraq's oil reserves. But now that they cannot attain it, they have to put on a good show for the rest of the world don't they? (i'm a conspiracy nut :wink2: ) What about North Korea, what did they do to cause the States to be on their asses? Oh, they have nukes, what gives the US rights to have nukes and not North Korea? Just because the US is the self proclaimed world police; it doesnt mean they have the right to interfere with other countries' affairs. Unless its a crime against humanity; they cannot interfere; thats the UN's job. We're not completely against Bush up here, just some of his actions; like the wars and his inability to keep good international relations.

I'm sure Bush has done good for the Americans themselves, but in doing so he screwed over some other countries. The main reason i don't like the US government is because of a couple of disputes. The softwood lumber dispute, and the gun smuggling. I know its unfair to judge a whole administration by one act. But, the softwood dispute cause a lot of job losses; wood mills had to be shut down, and i personally knew people who worked in them. The gun thing is also really pissing me off. Its too slack, it allows people to smuggle them into Canada where people die from getting shot constantly. Also, other cases within the US itself, like the Columbine incident wouldn't have been so devastating if it weren't for the US's slack laws on guns.

The anti-american thing is true, have you travelled a lot? Do you know people in the tourism industry? Have you been outside of North America? Well, i have, its true that americans get worse treatment because a lot of countries one time or annother have been antagonized by the Americans. Go to Hong Kong, with an American flag on your bag, and the chances are 40% that you are going to get mugged or robbed. I just went there this summer, a person got robbed right in front of me; guess where's he's from? Guess what the onlookers said without helping in Chinese? "Damn American, he deserves it."

posted by  aerith

Lets just stop this debate. What ever we say and believe, it will not change reality. Lets just agree to disagree before we start holding grudges. I won't be able to convince you, nor will you be able to convince me. So, if we continue on, its just going to be like post whoring. Maybe its Canadian teaching, but i prefer a friend then nemesis. Truce?

posted by  aerith

Fine with me, I dont want to tread through all that crap anymore anyways. :laughing:

posted by  thunderbird1100

Back to the original topic. Is the Z4 coupe going to have any performance upgrades? Or is it only going to be lightened because of the missing extra support needed for the convertible? Is the M-Z4 going to use the M3 engine?

posted by  aerith

Same engine with same specs probably. As for the Z4M they say a tuned up version of the 3.2L in the previous gen M3. They say 343hp.

posted by  thunderbird1100

I think they are going to use a slightly more powerful updated variant of the old Z4 engines. I have the info at work, I'll see if I can find it tomorrow.

posted by  Mathew

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