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Hello, new BMW 3 series coupé. ( ( ( (

posted by  Euspa

just proves that every time they make a new 3 they make it even bigger....

nothing compares to an e46 m3 though

posted by  Mk3golfer

Something just stirred in my pants a little.

posted by  Zalight

e36 m3... hmmm nice, not as nice as a blue, convertible e46 with 19's

posted by  Mk3golfer

Dang that thing is big. It can almost be a sedan. When is it hitting the states and is there an estimated price tag on it? Other than that, looks pretty good as do almost all BMW's.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

i love BMW's, i worked at an independent specialist for a year, and the nicest one i drove was a 1984 m535 with dog leg gearbox... amazing roar from the inducted six cylinder, god i miss that car...

posted by  Mk3golfer

this is the car...

posted by  Mk3golfer

Wow, the 3 series are defff. changing the looks. I personally like the 02-04 3 series, but everyone has their own opinion.

posted by  vlc92189

I agree with VLC man. With undecided look of stoplights, this spy photo of BMW looks like Fiat bravo sedan (older version) or some Volvo’s. I hope it will look better at the end.

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

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