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What do you people think of the new BRABUS tuning program for the Mercedes S-Class ???

I dont think BRABUS can get any better!!
But i wont be surprised if they do :smoke:

I would go for the S600. With the V12 S Biturbo 730 hp / 537 kW, 1.100 Nm (electronically limited) tuning programme!

What do you think of it? :mrgreen:

posted by  carcrazziecarl

:mrgreen: as good as brabus are, i would rather have an amg... :thumbs: pretty mercs...

posted by  Mk3golfer

yeah, AMG are good! But i just love brabus more! If you see a AMG you think, wow thats very very nice, but when you see a brabus your like. WOOOOOW. The first brabus i saw i didnt actually know what it was. And when i had a closer look, i just fell in love with them. Thats what i like the most about them. When your in one people look at it (people who dont know there cars) and they all go :ohcrap: whats that?? And the engine :mrgreen: What a great noise a 6.1 BRABUS E500 ADVANTAGE makes :mrgreen: !

posted by  carcrazziecarl

i feel the same way when i se AC schnitzer bm's...

posted by  Mk3golfer

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