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Hey all, I think in the next week or so im goin go to test drive a Passat 2.0T, as the lease on my RSX-S is up april 1 and im looking to get a new car. The thing is, Ive heard so many horror stories about VW (I also worked for VW Customer Care North America), but that was 3 years ago, so I know nothing about problems with new Passats.

Just wanted to see what you guys thought of it so far, also looking at an Xterra, Equinox as well.

Also, if you guys have any ideas of any comparisons to the passat, in terms of price, of what you like better, id like to hear it. Looking to pay $300 a month at the most probably. I'd love to go with a european car, but if its out of my budget, its out of my budget.

posted by  OttawaSensky

well, the new passat is pretty much a new car all around, so if there's any flaws we dont know about it yet... but also theoretically it SHOULD be better then the last generation.

given your three choices, i'd guess that you're not quite certain what you want in an automobile... so what are you looking for? or even what about the rsx-s do you like (and want to keep as an attribute)? and what did you not like (i'd guess that it's 2-door given your 3 choices are all 4-door)?

posted by  pik_d

ill be honest, a lot has to do with payments a month on each vehicle. Im looking into SUV's for strictly winter purposes, it would be nice to have one each winter. When summer come around i know ill think to myself "i wish i had a car to drive right now" though.

The RSX-S most appeals to me because its fun to drive, it doesnt have to be ridiculously fast or anything, I just enjoy getting in it and driving it. Some other cars, not SUV's I want to look at as well is the Volvo S40, which I hope I can get the payments to where I want, and the Jetta GLI. Im not sure if the new VW GTI comes out by April 1, but if it does, id like to take a look at that one as well.

Mostly im looking at leasing a new car, but the option of buying used is also weighing in the back of my mind. Once again if I bought used id have to pay for something $300 a month or under, so that probably eliminates a lot of options. Plus it definitely involves hardcore research because you never know what youre gonna get with a used car.

posted by  OttawaSensky

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