Happy Birthday Fiesta!

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Yesterday marked 30yrs of Ford Fiesta production. I figured as it's a Ford UK car I'll post it here! Back then you could specify such extras as driver & passenger headrests, a reverse light, electronic washer jets and two speed front wipers!

I think it's done well to reach 30yrs old, I'm not sure it'll do another 30 years though!

posted by  Cliffy


It's not just a UK car.(well, it didn't use to be) My buddy had one in high school that we dubbed the Ford Party Wagon.(yes, lame spanish reference - hey, we were in HS) That was back in the early '80s. Pure econo-box.:thumbs:


posted by  theman352001

Yaay...Happy Birthday :clap::laughing:

I wonder how much longer she'll be in production...

posted by  chris_knows

LOL....I know, I thought about that after typing it (I shoual use hobo's 'Think, Type, Submit' theory lol). The reason I said Ford UK was because main production was at Dagenham in Essex I believe!

posted by  Cliffy

So as long as I don't have anything to do w/ one, I don't really care.

posted by  jedimario

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