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And what pray tell are you going to be doing 303mph in? Or is this just more yada, yada.

posted by  vwhobo

Welcome to the forums ferrarichika. You're not going to be thinking about speed when you're stuck in traffic either P

posted by  snoopewite

Speed all the way. I'm not gonna be thinking about luxury when I'm going near 303mph! ;)

posted by  ferrarichika

Both For Me :D

posted by  StreetRacer

it kinda depends on the mood im in, normally a "want to go fast" mood but none the less, luxury is always nice

posted by  mazda6man

That is easy, get both and buy exotic. Cars will go over the speed limit. So if you want to hualing ass at like 100 on the interstate like i do every so often you could get a fast car. But when you reach the traffic i hope that is is nice in there. So as much as i think that speed is better, not everyone can buy an exotic car, so i would think that comfort is better for everyday driving because that is what we do drive to and from work/ school/ whatever. If you have to go fast then plan to leave earlier!!!

posted by  theunbelivaBULL

What are you saying, Bull? Hyundai's bottom of the totem pole car can do 100mph...albeit maybe downhill, with a tail wind...since when is doing 100mph "hauling a$$"???

Personally...as you'll notice from the name, avatar, and sig block...I'm a BMW fan. The M5 offers both speed, luxury, and CLASS!! And when comparing to it's rival, MBZ E55, a lot cheaper. IMO.

posted by  BavarianWheels

well....you could always have a speed and luxurious car... the BMW M5

posted by  S2000Boy

theunbelievaBULL wrote -
"That is easy, get both and buy exotic. So if you want to hualing ass at like 100 on the interstate like i do every so often you could get a fast car. But when you reach the traffic i hope that is is nice in there."

Yeah, if you drive an exotic like a Lamborghini Diablo or Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo, you can hual ass at like 100mph but it also looks nice inside for when you're in traffic.

posted by  snoopewite

um snoopewite. a lamborgini will go WAY faster tan 100 mph on the interstate... my moms focus will go over 110 mph on the interstate. i've personally drivin that fast

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

ChevySuxD0ng, the top speed of the Lamborghini Diablo (that was once the world’s fastest car) is 202mph to be exact. I know that you didn’t mention the Lamborghini Diablo specifically but I doubt that you were referring to the LM002 that has a top speed of 126mph. You neglected to mention the fact that I tied a Lamborghini and a Fiat with the same brush and that the aesthetics of a car interior isn’t relevant to being stuck in traffic.

posted by  snoopewite

i thought the focus had a top speed limiter of 94mph "govenor".
all though i could be wrong.

posted by  (o) (o)

no my mom's focus can go at least 110. i have drivin it that fast. we have done nothing to enhance the performance of the car whatsoever. we did buy it used, and the people before us had it on a lease. but i don't think they did anything to it either. and the fact that it is the zts version might have something to do with it.

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

(o) (o) wrote -
"i thought the focus had a top speed limiter of 94mph "govenor".
all though i could be wrong."

The slowest of the Focus hatchback range can do 106mph.

posted by  snoopewite

buy a GS430 and solve both problems

posted by  Split Mafia

Dude why dont you get your own car and stop talking about your moms!!!!!


The tvr T440R. It's got the lux and speed and it's independent. Also i doubt y'alls mom owns anything like it! and it cost less than a lambo or ferrari. Probly ties wit porsche.

posted by  Hiens

And the speed 12 and the Typhoon.. both faster than an enzo and cheaper..

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

how much for a 12 and do they still make em?

posted by  Hiens

The speed 12 was selling for £188,000 ($335,000 ish) but im not sure if they still are in "production"...

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

I would choose both, or just one? The 911! Power and Luxury!

posted by  StiMan

I'd have to choose speed. the Lux part takes too much weight. Koenigsegg CCR fully striped of all niceties. Larger airofoil, Custom bod kit, (no neon lghts, waste of $$$$) add some NOS. ahh......

posted by  Hiens

There's no pleasing some people is there..as if the Koenigsegg and allready quick enough (0-62 in around 3 secs!), and you still wanna NOS it up? :banghead:

posted by  Cliffy

I am guessing that the Koenigsegg is a Euro thing...right?

posted by  StiMan

What have you never heard of if? It's Swedish, just like Volvo and Saab, I'm not sure if It'll be available in the States but It's just been released over here in the UK, or if it hasn't, it will be soon!

posted by  Cliffy

I have never heard of it...but it sounds like a beast!

posted by  StiMan

242mph top speed for the CCR. But it can be faster. I'd also get the Gearbox and clutch and (lol) the steerin lightend up quit a bit. More the The Noble M12 GTO 3R.

posted by  Hiens

Very nice stuff! I have heard of the Noble, but once again it is a Euro thing and have only seen kits in R&T...sounds good two tho!

posted by  StiMan

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