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Thanks to a person on VWVortex, they told me to look at and I found my dream van in the classifieds. It is the Subaru-Powered 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon that was listed. It also has Mercedes 16'' rims with performance tires and aftermarket suspension. With a swapped-in Subaru 2.2, makes it much more torquey.

I am currently making payments on it, and I should have it by mid February. I'm 16, so this is my daily driver van.

Subaru 2.2 motor swap done about a year ago
new HD clutch
new wheels and tires from a Mercedes Benz 420 16" with 225/60/16 tires on them, corners better than my friend's Audi with:
CIP springs and new KYB shocks

other new parts:
new timing belt and water pump, done when the motor swap was done
new bearings
brake rotors and pads in the front new pads in the rear,
new axles
synthetic tranny fluid,
slave cylinder for the clutch
brake fluid flush done
new thermostat

Pictures: (First one by previous owner, rims not currently on, due to Winter)
Interior shot:

posted by  Bubs360

Interesting project

posted by  jedimario

Pretty crazy...don't see those around too often anymore...

posted by  chris_knows

Looks pretty cool, however, is that BS, or does it really corner better than your friends Audi? Like did you really test the two cars to their limits to prove that? Sounds pretty unrealistic.

posted by  Mathew


We didn't do a full out experiment, but we have found that the van corners about as well as the Audi, which is suprising since it's a van, due to a slightly lower center of gravity, better tires on wider rims and the suspension. I can't say it absolutly, truely corners better becasue we have never tried a specific test.

posted by  Bubs360

Are they actually called 'Vanagon's' over there? or is that one called that because it's modified? as I've only known them as Camper's/Transporters...

posted by  Cliffy

Yes, they are officially called Vanagon here in the US. The new ones are called "Eurovan." As though we had to be told where VW was from...

I like the Subie conversion!

posted by  ChrisV

Hey, my family had an 84 Vanagon when I was little. I crashed it in Mexico when I was 5. That was a really cool van.

posted by  elchango36

Two weeks left until I can bring my SubaruVanagon home. ^_^

Also this seller's current project:

posted by  Bubs360

I like the Corrado! I never seem to see them anymore, I think they all got stolen and wrapped around streetlamps.

posted by  Mathew

New Pictures:

Our doggie in the Van

posted by  Bubs360

Oh its very interesting. Could you provide me more information ?

posted by  ralfsmith

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