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I plan to buy it, but still I don't have money for it. As the things are going for now, I won't have enough money even in a 20 years, do you have an idea for me?:drool: :laughing:

posted by  ngluvakov(euro)

Steal it, get rich quick schemes, grifting, etc :laughing::joking:

I don't know though, not really my style, and I don't like the front...

posted by  chris_knows

Is Vision a tuner? stats? links?

posted by  VG30DE

Check it out here:

It was a concept, and no production plans...

posted by  chris_knows

that looks like a bad ass car

posted by  mx3_monster

looks like the EVEN sportier sl65 AMG, which from my experiances... very very sporty

posted by  mazda6man

so Vision as in preproduction. Well the SLR is daily driveable supercar. It's power roaring. It's expensive. It's an auto. It's not my bag at all. Now the SLK55, that's the first passionate car Benz has had in a long time. The SLR is a high speed appliance.

posted by  VG30DE

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