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hey guys.. im about a week away from buying a 92 gold. its not the gti and it has the 8v 1.8 litre engine i believe. my plan it to take it to a bodyshop, take care of the rust, paint it black, get a window tint and put on a high performance muffler maybe, how much do u guys estimate that it would be to do all that? apart from that, what little things could i do to get some more hp? injectors maybe, cai? nothing big liek a turbo

posted by  illusion34

I do not believe injectors would do much for hp, only gas mileage. A cai would give you maybe 1-2hp, nothing really noticeable. From what it sounds like you need to focus on the exterior before you even think about performance. Get that fully taken care of then have your engine inspected by a mechanic or such for things possibly gone wrong such as 02 sensors transmission oil, engine oil, etc, all those regular maintenance things that almost NONE does do. Once you have the car running well and the exterior the way you want it we can talk more about performance parts and such.

posted by  Pythias

I didn't know golf's had horses.:laughing:

posted by  GreekWarrior

ok, this is what i NEED for the exterior. rust taken care of, theres like just abit around the car but theres liek a little hole on the higher part of the left side back door. no dents really. black paintjob and a new muffler and i would like a presidential tint.. around how much would that all be?

posted by  illusion34

Why not, while fixing the muffler, just get a new, less restrictive one?...

posted by  chris_knows

lol... thats what i want.. i wouldnt pay for a stock muffler, id want a performance one.. with a NICE sound. no fart can.. but a nice sound. what do u guys suggest? but what would be the overall cost for the stuff i said?

posted by  illusion34

Depends if you have a shop do it all or you attempt at it. A shop? I have no idea, best bet just look in the phone book for some Auto Body shops, take it by some and get a rough idea, they won't charge for that lol. A paint job can be anywhere from 1k-3k, I have a 1k macco paint job on my car from the previous owner and there is only one small spot that was done a little cheap, about the size of a dime right next to my luggage rack, so it isn't really noticeable at all. So I would recommend them, but I do not know if they only do paint jobs or fix your body cosmetically as well.

Also what about the trans and engine and other moving parts? A nice exterior is simply just that without reliable parts.

posted by  Pythias

well, before i buy it its gonna get checked out by the vw mechanic my mom knows.. i was hopin it was gonna be around 1 k for the rust repaires and a new paintjob :(

posted by  illusion34

Oh its very interesting. Could you provide me more information ?

posted by  ralfsmith

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