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Can anyone provide ideas and inspiration for a new product opportunity, either to add to or strengthen existing Jaguar product ranges in the UK.

As part of a student marketing competition I am pitching to Jaguar next Wednesday an outline strategy and some ideas about a possible
campaign. I need to show how this product (a new car) could add value to the Jaguar portfolio, support existing products and how it could be introduced to the UK market.

Any help greatly appreciated.

posted by  minnie7

How about a Jag for the poor man? lol

posted by  chris_knows

There is's called the X-Type lol...bassically an overpriced Ford Mondeo :laughing: ....Maybe not for the poor man....but certainly for the less extravagant man :wink2:

posted by  Cliffy

can you imagine a jaguar heavy duty pickup truck?:laughing:

welcome to CF:thumbs:

posted by  nighthawk

Yes...Make a pickup, I'd like to see Jag's go at that, and a super car that rivals other top-end supercars :hi:

BTW If you use any of our ideas, you owe all of us Jaguars (I don't make the rules, but it's there :read: )


BTW Cliffy I was thinking of something more luxurious looking--WAIT, why not make the E-Type again, but with less reliability/safety problems lol

posted by  chris_knows

How about a really light, agile Jag? I'm not really familiar w/ the current Jaguar lineup, but I don't think it has anything to rival, say...a Z4.

posted by  giant016

no offense to the guys posting above us,
but building a poor mans jag is not the way to go.. its a reason why bmw wont sell cars under 325.. it doesnt want to lower its "luxury" image..

and having a competitor to a Z4 isnt exactlty the best idea, seeing that its not exactly the best selling car at the moment.. perhaps if one were to compare it to a more extreme option, say the elise :D

in my non professional opinion, i say, as expensive as it might be, not just revamp, but completely redesign all its models, as it did with the coupe.. look at it.. its brilliant (a tad "slow" but still impressive)

the x type is also another issue,
how do they expect to compete when the car is based on a front wheel drive mondeo?? YES its saves cost, but whats the point when itll have dissapointing sales?

oh well, just my :2cents:

posted by  mirot

Really? Did you know that opinions are much more intelligent sounding when they're based in fact. If "bmw wont sell cars under 325.. it doesnt want to lower its "luxury" image", then who is it that manufactures and produces the BMW 1 series for example? Not very big, not very powerful and available with a 1.6l gas engine or a 2.0l diesel engine. First get your facts, THEN think, type submit. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

BMW Isetta:hi:

posted by  nighthawk

yes, i apologize...
i meant to see they do not sell them "here in the U.S"

but all in all, it different on this side of the atlantic.. its the same with Porsche being reluctant about offering the "regular" Cayenne model in the u.s.. its all about them having a sort of coolness factor, and by offering a "poor mans" car, it loses their elitish image
the 1 series is a p.o.s ... in my opinion it seems to be the epitome of what BMW is trying to avoid doing in america

and p.s vwhobo
instead of always getting on peoples back and bullying trying to bully the sh$# out of them, give them a break, and if necessary politely correct them.. it truly is a shame that not all of us share the same intellect and literary ability you seem to posses

posted by  mirot

this American "fact" about luxury cars should be very important to Jaguar, as north america provides about 45% of Jaguar's worldwide sales.

posted by  mirot

Hello, Jaguar now is not European, now is of Ford (of your cars)

posted by  Euspa

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