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alright i was at my friends house and we were playing Need for speed most wanted, and in the game they have the fiat punto. me and my friend thought this was a funny name so we were fakely insulting each other by calling each other that. We took it to schoolo and said that there too. THis one girl annoying the fire out of me so i called her a fiat punto and just laughed it off (instead of cusisng her out like i wanted) well she goes and tells the principal that we were "cussing her out in spanish" (by the way this girl is failing spanish) and i was like wait it does sound like a spnish cuss word (turns out fiat means nothing and punto means "point") so i stopped saying it around her and i continued to call my friend that, so she goes and tells the coordinator, principal hear sabout it and they were like "DOn't say Pu$$y" (pardon my french) it is sexual harrassment and we could call the cops. That is what the girl told them. so she did three things wrong 1) butted into out business 2) claimed that we were cussing 3) claimed that we were saying the wrong word (punto sounds liek putto which mean "male prostitute" not "slang for vagina") . haha (if u didn't find that remotley funny then i am so sorry i wasted your time) that dumb putta.

posted by  O-P-ET

:orglaugh: Although kinda sucks lol...And I always thought putta=pussy? lol

posted by  chris_knows

I found it pretty funny :clap: the thing is when cars are named its kind of a psychology game... something that will be appealing and what not... i don't know specifics but i assume they are to make ppl want the car :2cents:

posted by  95civicdima

I've got a question...justnoticed this, but why is it in Asian Imports? If anything, it belongs in European Imports :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

i thought it was form mexico (mexican rally car to be precise) so i didn't know which board to put it under, and as for the psychology part i dont think i would buy a car when it is named "point" because it doesn't make any sense (especially when it looks as queer as it does) i toculd be psychology though cuz if u think about it...
toyota supra=super?
mitsubishi eclipse= shadows all others?
MItsubishi lancer evo= it is evolutionary and above all other cars?
honda civic=civil= for the people?
there are probably alot more

posted by  O-P-ET

You thought the FIAT Punto was from Mexico????:screwy: Why don't you hop on Wikipedia and find out where Fiat's come from. Oh and btw, puta means Bitch (with a capital B), not "vagina".

posted by  elchango36

lol punto:laughing:

posted by  ToshoRcing

shit my bad..comp froze

posted by  ToshoRcing


posted by  ToshoRcing

Ford has their whole "E" thing with thier SUVs...Exploroer, Expedition, Escape. All themed around more rugged traveol I suppose. There's also Fusion, Five-Hundred, and Focus, don't know if they're supposed to have anything in common besided the Fs though. Porsche seems to like Cs, Cayman, Cayenne, Carrera. And Dodge's all have kinda big tough names, Ram, Magnum, Charger, Caliber. There's more than that too.

posted by  jedimario

In the school, the professors, teach hardly Spanish.

posted by  Euspa

Sorry, I only just noticed this lol....Erm, Citroen used to use the letter 'X' alot if it's of any use Xsara, Xantia, ZX, XM, AX, BX :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

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