New AUDI TT (for 2007)

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Hello, new AUDI TT (for 2007). ( ( ( ( ( (

posted by  Euspa

Looks better than the old TT, although it's also pretty similar...I kinda like this one though :2cents: lol

posted by  chris_knows

I think this is EXACTLY what the TT needed, I always thought they looked allright, but were missing something I couldn't place my fingers on. I love the way this one looks!

posted by  Zalight

whats the diff. other than fastback/sloped back?
P.S. those are some HUGE pics, took awhile to load and i have a T1 connection

posted by  davsmitty

Your right, other than the huge updated Audi grille, cool headlights, awesome rear end and taillights, there's no difference:banghead: . I agree with Zalight, this is exactly what the TT needed. The old TT looked kinda bland (and kinda like the new beetle IMO). This one looks much more exotic!:thumbs:

posted by  elchango36

my bad, didnt notice that much diff. :fu:

posted by  davsmitty

I can't see sh#t.

A picture of the rear-end, a hidden front-end that could be and new Audi, and some drawings that differ from the first picture.

God damnit son, you f*ck up everything.

posted by  What?

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