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In your opinion, what do you prefer M preparation or AMG??



Mercedes E55 AMG



posted by  OPC Power

Bmw all the way,

I hope to god your not a troll:banghead:

posted by  nighthawk

Take it easy i´m not a troll

posted by  OPC Power

lol good to know, hard to tell when new spanish members come our way
weve had our hard times....:doh:

posted by  nighthawk

I agree with you...:thumbs:

posted by  OPC Power

///M power PAWNS!!!!:2cents:

posted by  elchango36

I prefer AMG's engines. M-engines are overrated.

That new 6.3 liter V8 by AMG which makes 500+ hp and has a 7,200 redline excites me more than the M5's V10. It has more power, more torque, and it's lighter.

M5's V10 is overrated.

Overall, I prefer M cars.

posted by  What?

I prefer the BMW...just looks better IMO :2cents:

posted by  chris_knows

That's such a gay answer for a thread comparing two performance packages.

posted by  What?

M cars all the way! AMG equipped cars still have pretty numb steering and typical MB boring handling. M cars tend to shine on the twisties.

Plus I love the new 5.0L V10 7spd SMG M5. Great car.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Everyword in that quote is overrated.

posted by  What?

Alright, here's some more reasons why I like them more, the Bimmer's better because it isn't much heavier, although she has a smaller engine (displacement) than the AMG it still makes like 505hp, versus the Benz's 469 (Nowhere near 500+), and the AMG's 7200 RPM redline, is still lower than the M5's, going 1000RPM higher than the Merc...Just that the E55 has more torque, and hits it at lower RPM than the BMW.

EDIT: Just realized I was looking at the older AMG's with the 5.7L engine :ohcrap:

posted by  chris_knows

I always used to prefer BMW over Mercedes, but now it seems that you have to put alot more money into a BMW to make it something special. The Mercs just look more prestigeous too in my opinion, and the BMW's far too common!

I have always liked BMW's manual Gearbox and the way they shift far more than Mercs older style 'clonkey' manual box. As far as the performance of the two packs go, I think I'd be inclined to go for the BMW, obviously depending on which model of course. I think if we're talking M3 Vs C55 (think that's it lol), I'd go BMW, but if we're taking M5 Vs E55 I'd go for the Merc, especially sinse the Merc is available with the Bi-Turbo unit!.....I also think that the reline is too low on the Mercs :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

That's what I heard about "What" too from the campus girls.

posted by  thunderbird1100

How is the f*cking answer gay? If you wish to be taken seriously as an adult, you had better start acting like an adult.

posted by  Mathew

Both they are very good cars, however the BMW has greater acceleration than the Mercedes-Benz, the noise of the Mercedes-Benz is much smaller than the one of the BMW. Both they are very good cars.

posted by  Euspa

Please. Like I had time/patience to properly please those campus bitches. Besides, no girl will admit to being pleased by a guy who probably broke their heart. I was pleased.
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I'm an adult Mathew, if that's your real name. Gay shouldn't offend you much on the internet. This isn't the work place and we aren't speaking in person. If we were in person and I didn't know Chris Knows, I wouldn't have said his statement was gay. But if I knew him, I wouldn't have responded differently. Grow down, and stop being so stiff. I'm not older than 25 yet, so I'm still rather loose.

If I offended you, I'm sorry and I won't make you read my post anymore.

posted by  What?

Nice try but taking my insult and using it against me by changing a word is probably pretty lame, in fact, it is!


posted by  thunderbird1100

The new and happening word? I remember we used to call things gay when we were like 13!.

Grow down? Act less mature? Ok, u sucks u dork! why u post stupid things u must b a fag!

posted by  Mathew

One of the more satisfying priveledges of being a Mod, is that if somebody says something in a post that they feel is inappropriate.....they can merely edit it! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

AMG destroys M

look at the completely new Mercedes AMG 63 engine built from scratch by the AMG Boys producing 510bhp without any turbo chargers or compressors . Wait until they do a bi turbo version then the power will upto 700bhp :mrgreen:

The Power will be extreme destroying any M equivilant.

The S class 63 AMG Model with a 0-60 of 4.2 is quicker than a porsche carrera and any m car .

posted by  Tomsheldon

Not that you'll ever be back, but how exactly is this so much better than ///M? An educated guess tells me the AMG 63 engine you mentioned is a 6.3 Litre engine which produces 510 HP. The F1 inspired S85 engine found in the E60 M5 is a 5.0 L V10 which produces 507 BHP and propels the car to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. Not only does it have a better displacement/HP rating, but it is also faster.

posted by  Mathew

AMG, but I think it is worth the extra money to get a Brabus or a RUF.

posted by  MoparMuscle91

That seems a little hypocritical comming from someone who pisses and moans when proven wrong about something. :thumbs: He already stated why it was a "gay answer", which was because Chris stated which car he preferred out of the 2 based on appearances only, when these are two performance package cars. Of course then he couldn't back up why he liked the M better because performance-wise I'm assuming it is lacking compared to the Mercedes, although I haven't looked it up yet because I am in class. :thumbs:

posted by  Pythias

You trying to be Hobocop's sidekick or something?

Let me make this a little more clear. "Gay" means "Homosexual". An answer cannot be gay, because an answer does not have a sex. Calling something gay is what little shits do in middle school.

I really didn't believe there was someone dumb enough to back up What on that topic. Somehow though, I think you're more intelligent than that. Seems to me you're just looking to pick a fight.

posted by  Mathew

I admit, I wouldn't have used the word "Gay" there. But he did have a reason to call Chris_Knows out for answering like that. I too get annoyed sometimes because it seems as if he just wants to please everyone and has something like 15 favorite cars, and there isn't a car he just generally dislikes. Just like ChrisV says you can dislike cars, but you still have to appreciate them in some way, I think maybe Chris_Knows misunderstood that in some way, not sure. But he did call Chris out for saying that he liked the M better because of the looks, then Chris tried to prove why the M was better performance-wise, but then coudln't because it wasn't.

EDIT: I don't try to be anyone's "sidekick" and or follower.

posted by  Pythias

I don't try to please anyone most of the time...I don't have 15 favourite cars, I've got one, but there's lots of cars that I really like too. I didn't get that from ChrisV, I just learned that you can't hate cars because most times they'll have something good in them. I'll agree, my answer was gay but I think I worded it wrong; what I was trying to say was something more like "I prefer the BMW and it looks better than the Merc too." I dislike some cars but not many, the first few that come to mind would be the Aztec, I'm not a big fan of the CJ Jeeps, New Beetles, Kia Spectra etc...Of course the AMG is a great car and it's the most powerful N/A V8 car but the Bimer still beats it in acceleration...:2cents:

posted by  chris_knows


posted by  Mathew

It can't be "gay," but the word has different meanings. At my age, most guys will use it as another way to say "retarded" but that doesn't make the answer mentally handicapped, it means it sucks.

posted by  chris_knows

M Power owns, doh! :laughing:

posted by  jedimario

i like both, as an m sport owner i like the out and out sportiness of the these cars. to me the amg versions are just faster (in some cases ridiculously fast :thumbs: ) versions of a rather softer, less sporty marque. and fair dues to them aswell

to me it would depend on what your requirements for a vehicle are to which version you go for

as a consumer its just great to have the choice from both manufacturers

posted by  born to drive

Ugg... this has got to be the like 39871938749827th thread with this same topic.

posted by  StiMan

I dont understand 100 hp per litre naturally aspirated is very rare how is the m engines overated and amg not when they use forced induction to duplicate the same thing. the e39 was the only recent m engine that dont fall in cat with this theory. 5.0 400bhp every fast merc has forced inductions take the turbo and superchargers from mb and u got a moderately fast luxury car youd have to take a plug from the m to reduce perf. its all natural that 2 me is astounding naturally aspirated engines always being compard to forced induction engines that says it all.

posted by  AstandardM

The 6.3 liter Merc engine that I was celebrating is a NA engine dude. This engine will go into a majority of their recent AMG vehicles. The 6.3 liter is physically smaller, lighter, more powerful, and more torquey than any BMW M engine. Shut it.

posted by  What

Hp/liter is ricer math and pretty much useless

posted by  Enthusiast

:orglaugh: of course you would say something like that.

posted by  elchango36

I care more about hp density and power to weight ratio.
The 5.0 BMW V10 makes 500 hp or 100hp per liter and only like 384ft/lbs, but the motor is still bigger and heavier than the LS7 which is 7.0 and make 500/500.

The only time i think hp/liter matters even a little is when you are racing in a displacement restricted class.

posted by  Enthusiast

forgive my ignorance, but what's a ft/lb ??? how far the car can travel divided by its mass on 1 tank of gas??

posted by  windsonian

Some engineers use it.

He's not as smart as us...lb-ft Enthusiast...or radius X Force..

posted by  What

Ive heard both foot pounds and pound feet. I even asked a local engine builder/head porter and he told me either could be used.
I guess thanks for correcting me though.

posted by  Enthusiast

You still don't get it. This isn't division...so it doesn't matter which order you say it. Your builder was correct but you'd rather ask someone at a school or a book about Physics equations...or me.

Your original thought of ft/lb was "feet-per-pound". You wrote it wrong. Didn't you say you were super-smart?

posted by  What

thank you sir :wink2:

posted by  windsonian

OH haha didnt even catch that. Thanks

posted by  Enthusiast

///M all the way

Danirev   26 Dec 2012 09:01

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