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Today I helped a friend replace his starter on his 1971 super beetle and I have learned a whole new level or respect for people who work on bugs. Everythign is so hard to get to. You have to take the tires off ,or take the engine out to work on it.
However good news if anyone remember my thread a while back about trying to increase power in my friend's bug he got a '72 engine which we are going to rebuild and improve then drop it into his bug. Any advice on the endeavor woudl be apreciated. Thanks:thumbs:
Oh I will make sure to post pics up of it soon

posted by  Aondor

Weber 48 IDA carb, probably need to clean one up if you find one though they are rather scarce :ohcrap:

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For what? Are you sure that's good info? What makes it good info? Just because you read in on the internet... :doh:

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He was polite enough to answer.
Ok mr moutain of information is that good information?

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If you're more interested in politeness than accuracy of information, good for you. I hope that many more polite poeple come along and give you incorrect or incomplete answers. Have a nice day.

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asking like that will get you nowhere

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Ok, if you're going to rebuild the '72, you have a pretty good basis to start from.

Grab a copy of Hot VWs magazine, and start looking up the advertisers. For a nice project, start looking up what it takes to build a 1776cc or 1835cc engine. Go to the Samba website and start looking up a good used dual carb setup. Dual 40mm Webbers are most common, but a smaller bore size would suit the 1776. If you can find them, dual Dell'Ortos would be best, but they are fairly rare anymore, IIRC. Get yourself an Engel 110 cam, a nice all round grind for that size engine.

Engine building isn't too hard with them, but there are a few tricky gits outside of normal engine work. Get GOOD pushrod tubes and pushrod tube seals. So much of the VW leaking is from those areas. When putting the engine back together use ALL of the stock cooling tin, including the temparature controlled flappers.

Tuning dual carbs requires a Unisyn, but if you do it right to start with, you don't need to constantly fiddle with them. Done right, the dual carbs on a 1776 or 1835 will help produce a strong street bug.

Hobo will have his favorite way of tuning a Bug engine, and could help with the details if asked nicely, I'm sure.

There's more, such as what heads are best, what to do with the valves, the right distributor, etc, but this will get you started in your search.

posted by  ChrisV

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