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Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I have been an AVID BMW fan since I was a kid.

I am 28yr old living in Washington State, USA and just bought my first BMW

1995 318i @ 82,000 miles for $6000!!!!!! (a steal!)

Had some questions:

How long could I expect this engine to last? (no racing, diligent maintenance)

I hear it (from the 55yr old seller) that it is impossible to do the oil change myself and should take it into the's only $500.00! Told me this AFTER I bought it of course.

Is this true?

Anything else I should "know about" or "do" to this car?

Besides drive the hell out of it and not allow my children to even look at it or speak in her presence? (young kids wreck cars)
Thanks for the imput guys..

posted by  msooto

Not sure about how to keep her running longer, but Welcome to the Forums :thumbs:

posted by  chris_knows

Welcome to CF. You're saying that the oil change is $500?.....or the car lol. Bottom line is that you shouldn't have any problems doing the oil change yourself. What could possibly be so obstructing on a 1995 318i that would deem it impossible for yourself to change the oil, let alone a regular garage! It's like most 1995 cars, easy lol. Just one word of advice though, dont pull too hard on the spanner when tightening the sump plug, as it's very easy to strip it's thread given that they're made of alluminium I believe. So really, the only obstruction, if any, would be a plastic cover. I seem to remember that the oil filter is mounted in an upright possition and is accessable from under the bonnet, most of them are cartridge filters withing a metal housing. If you encounter a normal, spin on/off type, it's just as easy to get to. Chances are that the current owner is just being over protective of his "baby" :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

cool thanks..

posted by  msooto

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